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Laboratory for Real Time 3D Programming (prototyping and demos)
OpenGL, Lua, Python, GLSL,
PhysX and more...

Reference Guide
XML Nodes

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<include> XML Node

XML Node Summary


The include node makes it possible to include other XML files into another given file. This functionality gives the possibility to distribute a source code in several files that are much more understandable because they are smaller. Each included file is considered as a small library (lib to shorten). A lib can contain other inclusions of libs. The same lib file can be included into several different files: in this case, the lib will be considered only once. That has the advantage of facilitating the design and the organization of complex projects. A lib file has the same structure as a standard XML scene file. Just replace the root node by

include element has 1 attributes and 0 sub-element(s)

  • lib [STRING]: relative path to the file to be included.

Code sample :

<include lib="camera.xml" />
<include lib="materials.xml" />
<include lib="meshes.xml" />
<scene name="myScene" />

and here is a lib file sample:

<camera name="mainCamera" navigation_mode="FLY" fov="90.0" >
<position x="0.0" y="20.0" z="100.0" />
<lookat x="0.0" y="0.0" z="0.0" w="1.0" />
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