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Laboratory for Real Time 3D Programming (prototyping and demos)
OpenGL, Lua, Python, GLSL,
PhysX and more...

Reference Guide
XML Nodes

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<audio> XML Node

XML Node Summary


This node loads audio files (*.wav, *.mp3, ...) and plays them.

audio element has 4 attributes and 0 sub-element(s)

  • name [STRING]: Name of audio node
  • filename [STRING]: name of the audio file. The type of playable audio file depends on the type of available audio plugin: plugin FMOD: allows to play almost all types of audio tracks plugin OpenAL: allows to play wave (*.wav) audio tracks
  • looping [BOOLEAN]: enables or disables the loop mode (repeat mode). If this mode is set to 'TRUE', the audio file is continuously played. If this mode is set to 'FALSE', the audio file is played only once - Default value = TRUE
  • play [BOOLEAN]: enables or disables the reading of the audio file. This state is useful when you do not wish to start the reading of an audio file from the beginning of the script. In that case, you just have to set the state to 'FALSE'. The reading of the audio file can then be launched by a LUA scripting code. Please refer to the Demoniak/LUA API for more information - Default value = TRUE

Code sample :

<audio name="bluishbg" filename="mp3/music.mp3"
looping="FALSE" play="TRUE" />
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