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Laboratory for Real Time 3D Programming (prototyping and demos)
OpenGL, Lua, Python, GLSL,
PhysX and more...

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The Licences

Features FREE licence PRO licence
Binary Scene Export no yes
GeeXLab Player(1) no yes
Live scripting (Lua, Python) yes yes
GPU programs (GLSL) Live Programming yes yes
Email Support no yes
Commercial Use(2) no yes
Royalties no no
Price FREE 100.-
FMOD binary (DLL)(3) yes no
Unpublished code samples and demos no yes

(1): The scene player (GeeXLab_Player.exe) allows to redistribute your application.

(2): With the PRO licence, you can publish and distribute your commercial demos or other applications freely without any further royalties or license fees.

(3): FMOD is free for personal use only. To get a commercial version, please visit FMOD Licenses.

Make an Order

To make an order, just click on the PayPal button hereunder. That allows you to make a secure payment. Once the payment done, you will receive the information to download GeeXLab as well as its license by email (4).

GeeXLab Ultim8 PRO licence
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Prices are in Euros. A useful currency converter can be found here.

(4): the licence creation is done manually. Then there might have a delay (up to 24 hours) between your PayPal payment and the reception of the download information and licence. Thanks in advance!

Random Projects

Posterization Effect
Posterization Effect

Thermal Vision PostFX
Thermal Vision PostFX

Depth Buffer Visualization
Depth Buffer Visualization

Random Code Samples

Draw Line
Draw Line

PhysX Fluids
PhysX Fluids

DirectX Format Loading
DirectX Format Loading

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