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NVIDIA SceniX available
« on: December 01, 2009, 06:01:38 PM »
Changes/Improvements in SceniX v5.
* Introduced a size culling algorithm to cull objects that cover less
  than an optional user-specified size on screen. 
* Fixed a crash on converting triangles to triangle strips after
  optimizers have been applied.
* Primitives, when added to a Shape, did not add the Shape object as
  owner. This has been fixed. 
* Window dimensions were not passed to the ViewState prior to a window
  resize event. This has been fixed now.
* The supplied Cg runtime has been upgraded to version 2.2.0010
* Changing the GPU format of a TextureImage remained unconsidered if
  the change happened after image upload. This has been fixed.
* Skinned animations were not working anymore after applying
  optimizers. This has been fixed.   

Changes/Improvements in SceniX v5. beta
* Added the wxPP sample, an example showing how to implement cumulative
  post-processing effects using FBOs and Cg shaders. Specifically, this
  example shows how to implement HDR using post-processing techniques in SceniX.
* Fixed an issue with shadow handling
* Improved the wxiRT sample, e.g. it now supports multiple GPUs.
* Added the PhysXViewer sample, A simple example showing one way to integrate
  PhysX with SceniX.
* Cg shaders, if auto-generated by the supplied COLLADA loader, will
  compile to the latest available profile now. Previously, these
  shaders were compiled using the gp4*p profiles, which caused even
  simple phong shaders to not work on older hardware.
* Added CudaRT.dll so the CUDA toolkit does not have to be installed
  to run the wxiRT sample.