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Unity 2017.3 has been released
« on: December 26, 2017, 04:47:23 PM »
What’s new in Unity 2017.3

As the year comes to an end, we are happy to announce that Unity 2017.3, the final release in our 2017 cycle, is now available. 2017.3 introduces several new features and improvements across the board for both artists and developers, and we’re particularly excited about sharing our improved toolset for creating interactive 360-video experiences.
We’re finishing 2017 strong with a huge change log of new features, including the following highlights:
Panoramic 360/180 video
We are particularly excited to bring you improvements to panoramic 360/180 and 2D/3D video workflows. You can now easily bring in various styles of 2D or 3D video in Unity and play it back on the Skybox to create 360-video experiences targeting standalone, mobile and XR runtimes.
Particle System improvements
Improvements include new Unlit and Surface particle shaders and ribbonized particle trails. These allow particles to be connected based on their age. Since each point on these ribbonized trails is represented by a particle, they can be animated, for example, by using them in conjunction with the Noise Module.
Script compilation – User-defined managed assemblies
You will be able to define your own managed assemblies based on scripts inside a folder. By splitting your project’s scripts into multiple assemblies, script compilation times in the editor can be greatly reduced for large projects.
 Managed Memory Profiler supportYou can now take advantage of Mono/.NET 2.0 support for the APIs required to take managed memory snapshots. This makes it possible to take memory snapshots directly inside the editor.
The updated Crunch Library
The Crunch Library can now compress DXT textures up to 2.5 times faster, while providing about 10% better compression ratio. But more importantly, the updated library is now capable of compressing ETC_RGB4 and ETC2_RGBA8 textures, which makes it possible to use Crunch compression on iOS and Android devices.
Graphics improvements
There is now support for HDR compressed lightmaps (BC6H) on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We also made a number of GPU instancing improvements, and we’re adding Dynamic Resolution as an engine feature debuting on the Xbox One platform with other platforms to follow later.
Lighting improvements
We are introducing Lighting modes for the Progressive Lightmapper (Baked Indirect, Shadowmask and Subtractive), LOD support with realtime probes providing a more intuitive workflow, and HDR encoding support for baked lightmaps for higher visual quality.
VR device info
To help you optimize VR experiences, you can now capture VR-device refresh rate, dimensions, aspect ratio, HMD-tracking and controller-tracking as part of device info and device status events.
Improvements include cloth self-collision and inter-collision technology and improved constraint painting.
We are introducing Playable scheduling, which allows you to prefetch the data before it is actually played. The first implementation affects AudioClipPlayables, but in the future, the scheduling will be used by other assets: audio, video and timeline.  We added support to animate integer and enum component properties. We are also introducing a New “2D” mode button in the animation Preview window. Finally, it is now possible to zoom, frame and autofit in the Animator window!
Xbox One X Support
We added support for the new Xbox One X console from Microsoft. Use Quality Settings to enable support for 4K HDR rendering, or use the extra power in other ways such as improving framerate or increasing graphical fidelity. Xbox One X support is available in all 2017.x versions of Unity.
Xiaomi: easily publish Android apps into China (Xiaomi) through the editor.
In November 2016, Unity and Xiaomi announced a partnership to help developers bring games to Xiaomi’s 200 million customers in China, the largest Android store in this region. Since then a number of early-adopter games have gone live on Xiaomi’s store. At the end of November, the push-to-store service offering for Xiaomi’s brand-new portal went live! To get started, check out the FAQ and getting started guides on this site.
Standard Events
Standard Events is now officially out of beta, and you can access it directly from the Unity Editor in 2017.3. We’re also introducing funnel templates, which together with Standard Events, allow you to create common funnels that can reveal key insights with just a few clicks.