Author Topic: Impressive Real Time 3D Rendering in 4k with Unreal Engine and NVIDIA VXGI  (Read 4693 times)

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The content is running real time in 4K, the frame rate depends on the use of settings and with some optimization can run very fast on a single Titan or 1080TI (around 45 or perhaps I can hit 60). In SLI it is no problems to hit 60, so is playing it HD on regular cards. I am making use of Unreal engine and Nvidia's VXGI solution for real time lighting.

Youtube video:

The setup used to render this demo:
- Dual GTX 1080 Ti in SLI
- Intel Core i7 5960X
- Asus X99-E WS
- Corsair 64GB DDR4 2400MHz
- Acer 28" Predator XB281HK G-Sync 4K

More information and high resolution screenshots: