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(Android) Screen Stream
« on: January 24, 2014, 07:28:48 PM »
Screen Stream is a powerful app to "cast" your Android device display in real time !
You can capture and share it live just like a dual screen to any other mobile devices or computers on the same network.
You can even make powerful presentation for work or education.

PLEASE READ: contact us at prior to leave a bad comment just because you were not able to use the app.
Leaving a bad comment for this is useless and we have no way to contact you through comments! Thank you.
Please do not rate poorly if you do not have read the instructions!

IMPORTANT: /!\ Instructions for unrooted devices /!\
If your device is not rooted please use our one-time startup script that you can download here: << >>
You need to start it only one time (the first time you want to use the application), and run it again only when your device is restarted.
Please read carefully instructions from application or from here:
- no root instructions ->
- FAQ ->

The watchers have just to read the stream in their favorite stream video player (such as VLC media player, available for computers and mobile devices).
No other specific client is needed and you will benefit of the power of VLC.
Any number of connections can be made to your video stream, so multiple people can connect at the same time !

Following settings and features are available:
[✔] No root: the application is compatible with unrooted devices!
[✔] Set framerate, encoding bitrate/quality, and resolution to let you optimize performances
[✔] 2 different encoding formats available
[✔] Logs screen to know who is connected
[✔] Share the stream url directly with emails, sms, or other apps, or copy it to the clipboard
[✔] Orientation change if you want to change your device orientation display
[✔] You can also stream your sound with the screen
Try different settings to check which one best fit your device.

Odd resolutions cause corrupted graphics, 50% works smooth, 100% very laggy.


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Re: (Android) Screen Stream
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2014, 06:10:49 PM »
Good app thanks for the finding !
I tried and it seems the corrupted graphics disappeared + they just added hardware encoding  ;D :D :)