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Buf3D Multiresolution Technology (video)

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A new video about the technology implemented in Buf3D is available in

This video demonstrates the use of the GPU to display massive multiresolution models without CPU cost (does not require regeneration of triangles)
A single call to glDrawArraysInstanced enables progressive display of multiple instances of the same geometry, each with the desired level of detail.

The models used for the demo are:
* Bunny.ply (stanford - Triangles 69K)
* Happy.ply (standord - 1M triangles)
* Xyzrgb_dragon.ply (stanford - 7.2 M triangles)
* Lucy.ply (stanford - 28M triangles!)

All the models are generated and displayed in a low end notebook AMD-1215B (only 80 shaders)


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I'm interested this demo. :) Please do you put here or PM (private message) download for Windows?

My specs are i5-2500K@4.5GHz, 2x4GB RAM DDR3@1600MHz, GeForce GTX 480 and Windows XP x86 SP3/7 x64 SP1.


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Hello nuninho1980

I'm evaluating the option of leaving an executable demo.
For this  I need to disable some unnecessary options.
Briefly hope to have a "correct" version.

It will be interesting to see his performance in a powerful graphics card.
Currently the Radeon-6310 generates 54M triangles/s (demo Geeks3D instances)
But in this graphics card, Geometry Shaders drastically reduces performance, so by this multiresolution technlogy only 20M triangles/s are generated, but with the desired level of detail :)

Is you are interesting, another (very technical) video are available on