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(Android) Buf3D lego and 3d model viewer with OpenGL ES 3.0 support

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Buf3D lego and 3d model viewer

Show your favorite 3D models and enjoy them as wallpaper!

- More than 2900 pre-linked models
- Support for LDRAW models (LEGO and TENTE3D cad models: DAT,LDR, MPD & L3B)
- Loads the most common 3D formats (PRJ,3DS,DXF,LWO,STL,OBJ,OFF & PLY)
- OpenGL ES 3.0 support (x10 rendering speed in ldraw models ussing geometry instancing)
- Automatic level of quality in 3D model viewer
- Shader support (flat, gouread, cartoon ...)
- Show your models as Wallpaper

Buf3D use a modified version of Progressive Fans technology developed by Antonio Cortés Carrillo that allows show and build multiresolution models efficiently.
* Build out of memory multiresolution models (only requires a small amount of RAM for mastodontic models)
* Support for multiprocessor (support up to 8 processors)
* Show out of memory level of detailed models
* Progressive and Selective level of detail in real time

I was able to load San Miguel, but then i ran out of memory (2GB)  :P


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Hi Stefan

   For really big models I recommend disabling the automatic quality option (Options-> Automatic quality) before loading the model.

  Disabling automatic quality option, a scroll bar appears at the top that allows us to adjust the resolution of the model, avoiding the bar end this avoids having to load the entire model in video memory.

  For obj files, the cache system is inefficient and requires parsing the file every time. I recommend using ply or 3ds files, then reload from cache is fast.

Best regards,
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Thanks for the heads-up,

decreasing the quality too much screws the geometry.
I've seen those spikes in other programmes, when floating point calculations went wrong.