Author Topic: Qualcomm dismisses nVidia's Project Shield, says they won't build a competitor  (Read 5044 times)

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Interesting news coming from Qualcomm today where Qualcomm's Snapdragon boss Raj Talluri came out to basically say there is no real point to nVidia's Project Shield and that it is basically useless. Following that statement Raj Talluri went on to say that Qualcomm won't be building anything to compete with Project Shield either and that there is no real need for a dedicated Android device for games.

Ironically, the Xperia Play which was, for the most part, a dedicated Android gaming device came with a Snapdragon chipset. While Raj does believe the future lies with mobile gaming, the concept to need a dedicated device for it is a silly one. We are sure most gamers would disagree with this line of thinking, Raj goes on to say that using a controller like the MOGA provide the same experience for the most part.

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A cheap alternative would be a streamer like Splashtop