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NVIDIA Quadro/Tesla Driver Release 306.79 WHQL

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Changes in Version 306.79

The following sections list the important changes and the most common issues resolved since driver version 305.93.

Quadro FX 580, Creo View: OpenGL Driver Error message appears pointing to glReadPixels.
Quadro 6000, Petrel 2010: 'Display driver stopped responding and recovered' error occurs when running the application.
Quadro 6000, Dell T7600 Workstation: Graphics intermittently shuts down with a black screen.
Quadro 5000, Maya: Application rendercrashes on a glDrawElements call.
Quadro FX 3800, DecisionSpace Desktop: Rendering to the back buffer is slow in some workflows.
Quadro FX 3800, DecisionSpace Desktop: Tube/Lathe displays - render time increases significantly on occasion.
Quadro FX 3800, RemoteView: The application needs a new driver profile enabling Video Editing Mode.
Tesla C1060, MATLAB: “CUDA error launch failed” error occurs when running the application.
This driver silently introduces VGX support.
This driver does not support OpenGL 4.3 / GLES 3.0