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Mac OS X - Offline Compilation Using the OpenCL Compiler

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Offline Compilation Using the OpenCL Compiler
Last Revision:   
Version 1.0, 2011-08-23
Demonstrates using the OpenCL offline compiler to produce and utilize bitcode for CPU and GPU devices.
Build Requirements:   
Xcode 4.0 or later, Mac OS X v10.7 or later
Runtime Requirements:   
Mac OS X v10.7 or later

This sample demonstrates how developers can utilize the OpenCL offline compiler to transform their human-readable OpenCL source files into shippable bitcode. It includes an example Makefile that demonstrates how to invoke the compiler, and a self-contained OpenCL program that shows how to build a program from the generated bitcode. The sample covers the case of using bitcode on 64 and 32 bit CPU devices, as well as 32 bit GPU devices.


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I wonder how they handle the different GPU targets? Like NVIDIA, AMD, and the various chip generations that Macs have shipped with over the years.

I wonder if it only compiles it to pseudo-assembly so that it can still recompile to the target chip at run time.