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[Android] N-Body Simulator
« on: August 21, 2011, 12:47:55 PM »
Watch and interact with a real n-body simulation on your phone!

N-body particle simulator where the behaviour of the system is driven only by each particle's gravity. It is turning more into a physics playground lately though, with the addition of accelcerometer support, elastic collisions and more.
The app has been completely redesigned. Now there is a simulation box from which the particles can't escape. The system is now much more interactive and it performs way better than the previous version. A mid-range device shouldn't have problems with about 70 particles (without trails and collisions).

-Real n-body simulation, pure gravitational interactions between particles.
-Zoom and pan in big simulation area mode.
-Create walls particles can't trespass. Watch them bounce off.
-Allow or not physically realistic elastic collisions or mergers between particles.
-Set particle and background colors.
-Set gravity strength and particle mass.
-Accelerometer support.
-Shoot particles or create repulsive forces using touchscreen.
-Also create repulsive particles.
-Possibility to choose simulation area size, leaving it just the size of your device's screen or making it large.
-Enable or disable the central black hole which exerts a neat attractive force towards the center.
-Enable or disable particle trails (disable to improve performance).
-Modify simulation velocity in real time.

Check out the new LIVE WALLPAPER version, it's free and it's on the market now! It will remain with the old version of the app by now.

Contact me if you have suggestions for new features or found any bugs.

Note: set simulation area = screen to avoid emptyness on the screen