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English forum / Twirl Effect
« Last post by JeGX on June 25, 2014, 02:26:45 PM »
- What: twirl effect shader

- Where: in the host_api/PostFX/Twirl/ folder of the code sample pack

- When: in few hours, during the next update/upload of the code sample pack.

3D-Tech News Around The Web / Re: (WebGL) Gargantia: Sky Courier
« Last post by davidgaleano on June 25, 2014, 10:10:48 AM »
It is possible that the browser is running out of memory, the Gargantia model is quite big and the textures are not  small either, the history mode also has tons of sound files. Could you give more details about your Android device? Do you know if your Android device supports compressed DXT pixel formats? If not, then the uncompressed textures would need decompressing, using even more memory.

I do agree that a WebGL demo should work on all OS, but to get the visual quality demanded by Production I.G. sometimes you need to sacrifice devices with not enough memory, but this was not done intentionally, as a browser game we do not have access to any information about the amount of memory we can use.

The demo should work on any browser, on any OS, we tested it on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows, and the visual result should be identical for all browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE11.
3D-Tech News Around The Web / Re: (WebGL) Gargantia: Sky Courier
« Last post by Stefan on June 24, 2014, 10:46:17 PM »
Mozilla Nightly on Android crashes
Chrome on Android is stuck at this screen

A WebGL demo should work on all OS imho

3D-Tech News Around The Web / Re: (WebGL) Gargantia: Sky Courier
« Last post by davidgaleano on June 24, 2014, 08:19:46 PM »
Why are you saying that? It should work fine on all browsers.
3D-Tech News Around The Web / EVGA OC Scanner X Released
« Last post by Stefan on June 24, 2014, 06:28:40 PM »
EVGA OC Scanner X is available now, this new version adds a new test, bugfixes and now includes a way to upload and compare your benchmark scores! Download it at
Version - Release: 06/18/2014
  • Benchmark scores can now be submitted to an online GPU database
  • Added support for latest graphics cards
  • Benchmark scores can now be submitted to an online GPU database
  • Added new multi-GPU Test: OpenCL Julia4D
  • Added a section with experimental demos (no benchmark, demo mode only)
  • Updated 3D framework
  • Updated NV-Z 0.6.0
  • Bugfixes
3D-Tech News Around The Web / (WebGL) Gargantia: Sky Courier
« Last post by Stefan on June 24, 2014, 05:54:55 PM »
Production I.G and Internet Explorer have teamed up to create Gargantia: Sky Courier, a brand new action adventure game based on the popular intro series Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet. ▶▶ In Sky Courier, you get to play the role of Ledo as he explores his new home from the sky while piloting a surf kite with the help of his friends and an occasional hand from his AI companion, Chamber.
▶▶ It features amazing 3D gameplay, as well as an original adventure game story voiced by the original voice actors from the intro series. Depending on how well you play, the game provides you with three possible endings.

Microsoft continues the goof to make their demos look bad on other browsers...
English forum / GLSL Hacker released
« Last post by JeGX on June 23, 2014, 09:35:30 PM »
A new dev version of GLSL Hacker is ready for Windows 64-bit, Lionux 64-bit and OS X.

You can download it from this page:

Version - 2014.06.21
* fixed a bug with AntTweakBar plugin under Windows with AMD Radeon cards
  that made the application to crash time to time at the end of a scene.
- removed all atomic_counter_xxxx() functions from gh_renderer.   They are
  replaced by the low level functions of the gh_gpu_buffer lib.
* bugfix: the gh_camera.bind() function no longer update the fixed pipeline
  if OpenGL core profile is used.
+ added OpenGL debug GL_ARB_debug_output support via the gl_debug_profile="1"
  in the XML window node.
+ added memory_barrier() to gh_renderer lib.
+ added vertices_to_gpu_buffer(), vertices_from_gpu_buffer()
  and set_vertex_source() to vertex_pool lib.
- removed all shader_storage_buffer_xxxxx() functions from vertex_pool lib.
+ added set_shader_storage_block_binding() to gh_gpu_program lib.
+ added set_automatic_uniform_state() to gh_object lib.
* fixed a threading bug in the waitscreen + progress bar when scene contains errors.
+ added gh_gpu_buffer, a new lib for managing GPU buffers in an unified way.
+ added get_uniform_block_size(), get_uniform_block_index()
  and set_uniform_block_binding() to gh_gpu_program lib.
- removed all ub_xxx() functions from gh_gpu_program lib.

Version - 2014.06.08
+ added support of transparent windows (alpha value) in OS X version.
+ added drag and drop support in the OS X version.
! OSX version: now GLSL Hacker stores the last position of the window
  and uses it for the next launch (useful with the drag and drop).
+ added FreeImage plugin support in the OS X version.
+ added a set of functions to manage custom dynamic libraries: gh_utils.dylib_xxx().
  Thanks to these functions, you can use GLSL Hacker as a super window manager and code
  your own 3D routines in the dynamic lib in C/C++.   
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