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GpuTest / Re: GpuTest command line parameters
« Last post by ashutoku on January 25, 2016, 10:35:25 AM »
I am running all the shell scripts command in on python file.When i am running from local machine ,getting score.csv value . I am trying to run from remote machine ,unable to get the score.csv value  and at run time can not able to see GUI in local machine.
English forum / Re: How to use mouse-click
« Last post by Stefan on January 25, 2016, 02:15:40 AM »
got it working now

Code: [Select]
local mx, my = gh_input.mouse_getpos()
local mz = gh_input.mouse_get_button_state(1)
local mw = mz

gh_gpu_program.uniform4f(shadertoy_prog, "iMouse", mx, -(my - winH), mz, mw)

I will add both mouse-click and mouse-over versions to next demo pack.
English forum / Re: How to use mouse-click
« Last post by Stefan on January 24, 2016, 10:44:01 PM »
Here is another demo: 2D Radial Repeat : Hex RadClick
Besides mouse i patched other issues.

section id
shifted to bottom left of the screen, away from GeeXLab's overlay

uv.x += iDate.w ; // rotate each radius offset with constant speed
doesn't work, replaced with
uv.x += iGlobalTime ;

mouse click
if(iMouse.z>0.) pos = iMouse.xy;
replaced with mouse over
if(iMouse.x>20.) pos = iMouse.xy;

>>>Get ported version here<<<

3D-Tech News Around The Web / Re: Firefox - WebGL Off the Main Thread
« Last post by Stefan on January 23, 2016, 02:10:08 PM »
From my understanding each website needs to be recoded for that.

Otherwise you can  "Enable multi-process" in new FF versions.
3D-Tech News Around The Web / Re: Firefox - WebGL Off the Main Thread
« Last post by reg on January 23, 2016, 12:48:01 PM »
Does it mean WebGL will work on background thread in Firefox by default? Or JavaScript developer will have to explicitly use it?

I personally hate that all WebGL initialization happens on the main thread, especially shader compilation, because it hangs (and sometimes crashes) whole web brower, especially in ShaderToy.
3D-Tech News Around The Web / WRC5, Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO - playable demos
« Last post by Stefan on January 23, 2016, 12:28:16 PM »
Playable racing game demos became rare recently, so here you go.

Just in time for the Rally Monte Carlo  8)

Discover the 2015 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP season in this demo version of WRC 5!

Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO
English forum / How to use mouse-click
« Last post by Stefan on January 23, 2016, 12:51:10 AM »
I found a demo LED scoreboard, that is controlled by mouse-click.
How do i do that in GeeXLab, sth. with gh_input.mouse_get_button_state() ?
EDIT: solution below

As a work-around i replaced mouse-click with mouse-over in the pixel shader

    vec3 col = iMouse.w > 0.5 ? flag( DE ) : flag( RU );
    if ( p.x > 0.5 + halfStripe ){ col = iMouse.w > 0.5 ? flag( RU ) : flag( DE ); }

replaced with

    vec3 col = iMouse.x > 0.5*iResolution.x ? flag( DE ) : flag( RU );
    if ( p.x > 0.5 + halfStripe ){ col = iMouse.x > 0.5*iResolution.x ? flag( RU ) : flag( DE ); }

>>>Get ported version here<<<

3D-Tech News Around The Web / Firefox - WebGL Off the Main Thread
« Last post by Stefan on January 22, 2016, 07:32:53 PM »
WebGL Off the Main Thread

We’re happy to announce WebGL in Web Workers in Firefox 44+! Using the new OffscreenCanvas API you can now create a WebGL context off of the main thread.

To follow along, you’ll need a copy of Firefox 44 or newer (currently Firefox Developer Edition or Firefox Nightly). You’ll have to enable this API by navigating to about:config in Firefox, searching for gfx.offscreencanvas.enabled, and setting it to true.  You can grab the code examples from GitHub or preview it here in Firefox 44+ with gfx.offscreencanvas.enabled set to true.  This functionality is not yet available on Windows pending ANGLE support.  AlteredQualia points out things are running great on Windows/FF Nightly 46.
Sample Application for Direct3D 12 Flip Model Swap Chains

Using swap chains in D3D12 has additional complexity compared to D3D11. Only flip model [1] swap chains may be used with D3D12. There are many parameters that must be selected, such as: the number of buffers, number of in-flight frames, the present SyncInterval, and whether or not WaitableObject is used. We developed this application internally to help understand the interaction between the different parameters, and to aid in the discovery of the most useful parameter combinations. The application consists of an interactive visualization of the rendered frames as they progress from CPU to GPU to display and through the present queue. All of the parameters can be modified in real time. The effects on framerate and latency can be observed via the on-screen statistics display.

Note for NVIDIA Optimus users:
NVCPLUI.EXE must run in admin mode to find Windows store apps.

CUDA Application Support:
In order to run Mac OS X Applications that leverage the CUDA architecture of certain NVIDIA graphics cards, users will need to download and install the 7.5.25 driver for Mac located here.

New in Release 346.03.05f01:
  • Graphics driver updated for Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 (15D21)
  • Contains performance improvements and bug fixes for a wide range of applications.
  • Includes NVIDIA Driver Manager preference pane.
  • Includes BETA support for iMac and MacBook Pro systems with NVIDIA graphics
Release Notes Archive:
This driver update is for Mac Pro 5,1 (2010), Mac Pro 4,1 (2009) and Mac Pro 3,1 (2008) users.

BETA support is for iMac 14,2 / 14,3 (2013), iMac 13,1 / 13,2 (2012) and MacBook Pro 11,3 (2013), MacBook Pro 10,1 (2012), and MacBook Pro 9,1 (2012) users.
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