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This is chapter XIII(b) from “beta” Volume 2 of the upcoming book “Development&Deployment of Multiplayer Online Games”, which is currently being beta-tested.

There are quite a few common wisdoms when it comes to C++ and games. As it always the case when facing a bunch of common wisdoms, some of them have their merits, some are obsolete-beyond-belief, and some are just taken from a very different context and are not really applicable. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones.

3D-Tech News Around The Web / x64dbg: An open-source x64/x32 debugger for Windows
« Last post by JeGX on June 06, 2016, 02:46:14 PM »
x64dbg is a x64/x32 debugger that is currently in active development.

The debugger (currently) has three parts:
- Bridge

DBG is the debugging part of the debugger. It handles debugging (using TitanEngine) and will provide data for the GUI.

GUI is the graphical part of the debugger. It is built on top of Qt and it provides the user interaction.

Bridge is the communication library for the DBG and GUI part (and maybe in the future more parts). The bridge can be used to work on new features, without having to update the code of the other parts.

    Intuitive and familiar, yet new user interface
    C-like expression parser
    Full-featured debugging of DLL and EXE files (TitanEngine)
    IDA-like sidebar with jump arrows
    IDA-like instruction token highlighter (highlight registers etc.)
    Memory map
    Symbol view
    Thread view
    Content-sensitive register view
    Fully customizable color scheme
    Dynamically recognize modules and strings
    Import reconstructor integrated (Scylla)
    Fast disassembler (capstone)
    User database (JSON) for comments, labels, bookmarks etc.
    Plugin support with growing API
    Extendable, debuggable scripting language for automation
    Multi-datatype memory dump
    Basic debug symbol (PDB) support
    Dynamic stack view
    Built-in assembler (XEDParse)
    View your patches and save them to disk
    Built-in hex editor
    Find patterns in memory

The M/o/Vfuscator (short 'o', sounds like "mobfuscator") compiles programs into "mov" instructions, and only "mov" instructions. Arithmetic, comparisons, jumps, function calls, and everything else a program needs are all performed through mov operations; there is no self-modifying code, no transport-triggered calculation, and no other form of non-mov cheating.


The SUBfuscator post-processor - translates M/o/Vfuscated C into only sub instructions:
3D-Tech News Around The Web / Re: VLC media player 2.2.4 released
« Last post by JeGX on June 06, 2016, 02:38:36 PM »
Added to the Download Zone.

3D-Tech News Around The Web / Re: Download Zone - Latest Updates
« Last post by JeGX on June 06, 2016, 02:31:20 PM »
I added the latest version of CDBurnerXP to the DL list. I scanned it with AVG and found nothing. Seems clean.
3D-Tech News Around The Web / VLC media player 2.2.4 released
« Last post by Stefan on June 05, 2016, 07:41:54 PM »
2.2.4 Highlights

 VLC 2.2.4 "Weatherwax" is the fourth update to VLC's 2.2 release series.

 Fix crash in G.711 wav files Fix mp3 crash in libmad Fix out-of-bound write in adpcm QT IMA codec (CVE-2016-5108) Fix overlay creation on Windows XP for DirectDraw video output Improve compilation support for GNU/HURD Minor UI improvements for the Qt interface on Windows, Linux, BSD, ...

 2.2.0 Highlights

 VLC 2.2.0 auto-rotates the videos taken from phones, to fight Vertical Video Syndrome!

 VLC now resumes where you left off in all versions Improves support for new HD codecs, VP9, opus and H.265/HEVC, for decoding and for encoding. Extensions are now downloadable from within the application. VLSub extension can download subtitles from the application. We release at the same time, new versions and betas for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Android TV and Windows RT. Read the Press release and the Changelog
English forum / kx framework for OpenGL and Vulkan demos
« Last post by JeGX on June 04, 2016, 05:10:46 PM »
kx is a new Lua framework for GeeXLab that provides useful functions for your OpenGL / Vulkan demos. In this first version, the main functionality is to display statistics (framerate, frame time, GPU load, etc.)

The latest code sample pack contains demos that have been updated with this framework (see the code sample pack changelog for more info).

An empty demo with the kx framework:

English forum / How to use the gh_font module in Lua (and Python)
« Last post by JeGX on June 04, 2016, 03:53:25 PM »
Here is an article that explains how to use the gh_font module to load True Type Fonts and display 2D texts:

English forum / GeeXLab 0.12.1 released
« Last post by JeGX on June 04, 2016, 03:24:16 PM »
A new version of GeeXLab has been released for Windows platforms (32 and 64-bit).

More information:

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