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I ran into this issue using on a freshly installed raspbian "stretch" on my Pi3, using the raspberry pi-specific "control window opacity" example:

Darin's advice was correct.
I found the libbrcm*.so libraries in /opt/vc/lib/
and just symbolic linked them within GeeXLab's "dylibs" folder

which means I basically cd'd into dylibs, and ran:
ln -s /opt/vc/lib/
ln -s /opt/vc/lib/

(i might've also done the same for and, but I don't think those were needed here)
3D-Tech News Around The Web / Re: Download Zone - Latest Updates
« Last post by Stefan on February 01, 2018, 04:30:00 PM »
Microsoft PerfView 2.0.2

PerfView is a free performance-analysis tool that helps isolate CPU and memory-related performance issues.

As of January 2018 Perfview release publication has moved to Github.
3D-Tech News Around The Web / HWiNFO32 + HWiNFO64 v5.72
« Last post by Stefan on January 31, 2018, 07:19:43 PM »
Changes in HWiNFO32 & HWiNFO64 v5.72 - Released on:  Jan-31-2018: 
  • Added recognition of AMD 400-series chipset.
  • Improved recognition of Bay Trail steppings.
  • Enhanced reporting of turbo ratio limits with fused and resolved values (BDX, SKX).
  • Added option to disable access to Corsair and some Asetek-based coolers.
  • Added recognition of some future AMD Vega and Navi GPUs.
  • Added NVIDIA Quadro V100.
  • Added reporting of GPU VRAM module model for some AMD GPUs.
  • Fixed enumeration of RAID drives on AMD Promontory chipsets.
  • Fixed disk activity sensor names on some RAID systems.
  • Enhanced preliminary support of Ice Lake-SP (ICX).
  • Fixed reporting of Total Memory Encryption feature status in summary.
  • Added reporting of active memory channels on AMD Zen.
  • Enhanced monitoring of Intel GPU video decode usage.
  • Fixed flickering of RTSS OSD in some applications with high framerates.
  • Added monitoring of Corsair H80i Pro, H100i Pro, H115i Pro and H150i Pro.
  • Improved enumeration of network adapters.
  • Enhanced support of AMD Radeon RX Vega M.
  • Enhanced monitoring of new Intel Compute Card models.
  • Unified HWiNFO32 and HWiNFO64 packages (universal installer, combined portable).
3D-Tech News Around The Web / ConfettiFX The-Forge
« Last post by Stefan on January 30, 2018, 07:14:37 PM »
The Forge is a cross-platform rendering framework supporting
  • PC with DirectX 12 / Vulkan
  • macOS with Metal 2
  • iOS with Metal 2 (in development)
  • Android with Vulkan (in development)
  • XBOX One / XBOX One X (only available for accredited developers on request)
  • PS4 (in development) (only available for accredited developers on request)
Particularly, The Forge supports cross-platform
  • Descriptor management
  • Multi-threaded resource loading
  • Shader reflection
  • Multi-threaded command buffer generation

  • Added support for the following GPUs:
    • GeForce GTX 1060 5GB
      Quadro P620
  • Fixed a regression introduced in 390.12 that prevented displays from working normally when running multiple X screens with emulated overlays.
  • Fixed a regression introduced in 390.12 that caused occasional hangs and hard lockup messages in the system log when screen transformations are in use.
  • Added new application profile settings, "EGLVisibleDGPUDevices" and "EGLVisibleTegraDevices", to control which discrete and Tegra GPU devices, respectively, may be enumerated by EGL. See the "Application Profiles" appendix of the driver README for more details.
  • Corrected the SONAME of the copy of the libnvidia-egl-wayland library included in the .run installer package to The SONAME had previously been versioned incorrectly with the full version number of the library.
  • Updated nvidia.ko to veto the ACPI_VIDEO_NOTIFY_PROBE event on kernels that allow the handler for this event to be overridden, to improve interaction between the NVIDIA driver and acpi_video on display hotplug events.
  • Updated the SLI Mosaic layout page in the nvidia-settings control panel to support topologies with up to 32 displays.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Xinerama Info from being handled properly in SLI or Base Mosaic layouts with more than 24 displays.
  • Updated the X driver's composition pipeline (used for rotation, warp and blend, transformation matrices, etc) to also support stereo.
  • Added an OpenGL stereo preview feature to the screen page in nvidia-settings.
  • Fixed a bug where GetTexSubImage() would read incorrect data into a pixel buffer object when supplied with a target of GL_TEXTURE_1D_ARRAY and a non-zero yoffset value.
  • Added support for generic active stereo with in-band DisplayPort signaling. The X configuration option "InbandStereoSignaling" is deprecated in favor of this stereo mode. See "Appendix B. X Config Options" in the README for more information.
  • Modified the driver to avoid restoring framebuffer console modes on virtual reality head-mounted displays.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause X servers that export a Video Driver ABI earlier than 0.8 to crash when running X11 applications which call XRenderAddTraps().

Download now
3D-Tech News Around The Web / NVIDIA GeForce and Quadro driver 390.77
« Last post by Stefan on January 29, 2018, 04:14:06 PM »
Kingdom Come: Deliverance Game Ready Driver Released

Our new GeForce Game Ready driver is optimized for Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Metal Gear Survive, adds NVIDIA Ansel support to Black Desert Online, and adds ShadowPlay Highlights support to War Thunder. To download and install, simply fire up GeForce Experience and click the "Drivers" tab.

Release notes

General Discussion / Re: Unity3D graphics API selector (for Windows)
« Last post by Stefan on January 29, 2018, 12:27:26 PM »
DX9 has been removed from Unity 2017/2018, so i removed it from batch file as well.

Code: [Select]
REM Courtesy of Stefan

SET game="Adventure - Sample Game.exe"

ECHO 1 - Vulkan
ECHO 2 - DX11
ECHO 3 - DX12
ECHO 4 - OpenGL
ECHO 5 - OpenGLES2
ECHO 6 - OpenGLES3

CHOICE /C:123456

IF errorlevel 6 goto OpenGLES3
IF errorlevel 5 goto OpenGLES2
IF errorlevel 4 goto OpenGL
IF errorlevel 3 goto DX12
IF errorlevel 2 goto DX11
IF errorlevel 1 goto Vulkan

ECHO Vulkan
%game% -force-vulkan

%game% -force-d3d11

%game% -force-d3d12

%game% -force-opengl

%game% -force-gles20

%game% -force-gles30
Geeks3D's GPU Tools / Re: GPU Caps Viewer 1.38.0 released
« Last post by Stefan on January 28, 2018, 03:10:11 PM »
Yes the GTX 1060 with id=1c60 is not in GPU Caps database. I will update it asap, thanks for the feedback!

OK,  looks good.

Geeks3D's GPU Tools / Re: GPU Caps Viewer 1.38.0 released
« Last post by JeGX on January 28, 2018, 12:50:17 PM »
Cool for your new notebook!
Could you post some pictures (in a new thread)?

Yes the GTX 1060 with id=1c60 is not in GPU Caps database. I will update it asap, thanks for the feedback!
Geeks3D's GPU Tools / Re: GPU Caps Viewer 1.38.0 released
« Last post by Stefan on January 28, 2018, 01:18:57 AM »
Got a new laptop today, price dropped from 1700 to 1200 Euros  8)

Noticed some issues with GTX 1060 mobile:

VDDC is greyed out
fillrate = 0
GPU = revision ID

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