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English forum / Re: Raspberry Pi 3 as a tiny VJ platform
« Last post by Newk on February 15, 2017, 06:09:36 PM »
Without the windows manger, meaning to start your raspberry pi into command-line without doing "startx"
starting things over ssh and so..
or does geeXLab need windows and cannot display directly onto the framebuffer?
Because without would free up some resources running in the background that are not needed for a show.

good to know that it"s output is all up to the creator of the visuals  ;D
3D-Tech News Around The Web / AMD Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.2.1
« Last post by Stefan on February 13, 2017, 10:20:21 PM »
 Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.2.1 Highlights

 Support For
  • For Honor™
    • Up to 4% performance improvement measured on Radeon RX 480 series products when compared to Radeon Software Crimson ReLive edition 17.1.2(1)
  • ​Sniper Elite™ 4
    • Up to 5% performance improvement measured on Radeon RX 480 series products when compared to Radeon Software Crimson ReLive edition 17.1.2.(2)
Multi GPU profile added for DirectX® 11:
    • For Honor™
    • Sniper Elite™ 4
Fixed Issues
    • For Honor™ may experience an application crash when switching to fullscreen or menus in gameplay on Multi GPU configurations
    • On some Radeon GCN products DXVA H.264 encoded video may experience corruption when fast forwarding or seeking through content
    • AMD FreeSync™ technology mode may fail to enable itself on some fullscreen applications.
    • Counter-Strike™: Global Offensive has incorrect default slider values with Radeon Chill enabled. Users can modify these values to suit the experience they want.
    • Graphics processor information may be missing from system information overlay on Radeon ReLive captured videos.
    • DayZ may experience an application crash when Radeon ReLive Instant Replay/Recording is active or the feature may not work as expected.
    • Memory clocks may become locked at low states on Radeon R9 380 series products.
    • Radeon ReLive recording in fullscreen with Windows Media Player or Power DVD may experience flickering.
    • AMD Radeon HD 7900 series products may experience shadow corruption when shadows are disabled in Civilization™ VI.
    • GRID™ Autosport may experience an application hang when enabling the advanced lighting graphics option
Geeks3D's GPU Tools / Recommended settings for Furmark testing?
« Last post by pjc123 on February 13, 2017, 06:28:00 PM »
I have a cheapo HP stock laptop that I am using just while traveling, and whenever I activate hardware acceleration on any of my browsers, the entire display randomly flickers violently (not just the browser).  This started happening a year after buying the laptop.  I checked various things software-wise but could not find anything, so now I want to see if the video circuitry is failing.  I also see on the Internet that if the task manager is also flashing when loaded (which it does), then it is a hardware problem and not a software problem.  I have an extended warranty, so i would like to prove that chip is the problem if indeed it is, before talking to support or I waste my time sending it in for replacement.

So, not sure this is the right program to use, but in any event I don't want to damage the laptop with the test as I really need it at the moment, so what would be the best settings and test to run?  Also, what is a safe maximum gpu temperature(s) at which point I would need to stop the program?

System Specs:
Laptop: HP Stream 11
OS: Windows 10 64 Bit
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 400/405 with 1GB memory.
CPU: Intel Celeron N3050 1.60 GHz
RAM: 2 Gigs

3D-Tech News Around The Web / Vulkan API specifications 1.0.40 released
« Last post by Stefan on February 12, 2017, 10:17:38 PM »
Change log for February 10, 2017 Vulkan 1.0.40 spec update:

  * Bump API patch number and header version number to 40 for this update.
  * There is a major build change in this release. We are now using the
    Ruby-based ``asciidoctor'' implementation, rather than the Python-based
    ``asciidoc'' implementation, to process the specification. While the
    actual specification markup changes were minimal, this requires a new
    set of build tools and a very different installation process, especially
    because we now use an experimental direct-to-PDF backend for Asciidoctor
    instead of Docbook->dblatex->PDF. It is no longer possible to build the
    Specification using asciidoc. See doc/specs/vulkan/README.adoc
    for some guidance on installing the new toolchain components.
  * There are some minor rendering issues in the PDF output due to teething
    problems with the asciidoctor toolchain, especially with mathematical
    equations. We are aware of these and working on them.

Github Issues:

  * Updated sample code for the <<sparsememory-examples-basic,sparse
    resource binding example>> (public issue 97).
  * Modify line and point clipping behavior in the
    <<vertexpostproc-clipping, Primitive Clipping>> section to allow for
    pop-free behavior. The ability to check for which behavior is
    implemented may be added a future feature or extension (public issue
  * Unify the discussions of implicit ordering throughout the spec, in
    particular in the new sections <<drawing-primitive-order, Primitive
    Order>>, <<primrast-order, Rasterization Order>>, and
    <<synchronization-implicit, Implicit Synchronization Guarantees>>; the
    discussion of <<synchronization-submission-order, submission order>>;
    and references elsewhere to these sections (public issue 133).
  * Clarify \<\<descriptorsets-compatibility,Pipeline Layout Compatibility>>
    language and introduce the term ``identically defined'' (public issue
  * Add a dependency to the +VK_EXT_debug_marker+ extension that's needed to
    reuse the object type enum from +VK_EXT_debug_report+, and moves the
    definition of that enum into +VK_EXT_debug_report+ where it should be
    (public issue 409).
  * Remove redundant valid usage statement from slink:VkImageBlit (public
    issue 421).
  * Update GL_KHR_vulkan_glsl to allow the ternary operator to result in a
    specialization constant (public issue 424).
  * Fix valid usage for flink:VkPipelineShaderStageCreateInfo (public issue
  * Correct typo in New Objects list for <<VK_EXT_debug_report>> (public
    issue 447).

Internal Issues:

  * Moved to asciidoctor for spec builds (internal issue 121).
  * Update style guide to describe where to put new extensions-specific
    asciidoc files, and what to name them (internal issue 626).
  * Add src/spec/ to autogenerate registry index entries linking
    into the 1.0-extensions specification, instead of maintaining the index
    manually. (internal issue 642).
  * Autogenerate extension dependencies and lists of all extensions and all
    KHR extensions from the "supported" attributes in +vk.xml+. Execute
    +make config/ from +doc/specs/vulkan+ when a supported
    extension is added to vk.xml, to regenerate the dependency script. The
    consequence is that specifying a single extension to the +makeExt+
    script will automatically enable all extensions it depends on as well,
    and that the +makeAllExts+ and +makeKHR+ scripts do not need to be
    updated when a new extension is supported (internal issue 648).
  * Put extension appendices all at the same asciidoc section level, so KHR
    WSI extensions show up in the HTML index (internal issue 648).

Other Issues:

  * Imbed images in the generated HTML specs instead of loading them from
    the images/ directory.
  * Fix missing EXT in extension name
  * Add new +VK_EXT_SMPTE_2086_metadata+ extension.
  * In the <<platformCreateSurface_xlib,Xlib Surface>> section of the
    +VK_KHR_xlib_surface+ specification, add language warning users that
    they always need to call code:XinitThreads.
  * Use the term "presentable image" (rather than "swapchain image")
    consistently in +VK_KHR_swapchain+ and related extensions, and add a
    glossary term defining it.
  * Relocate the valid usage for samples of
    to be below the flink:VkPhysicalDeviceSparseImageFormatInfo2KHR

English forum / Re: Shadertoy multipass demos
« Last post by Stefan on February 11, 2017, 11:10:50 AM »

Download GeeXLab version

no music
loading of texture cube fails
keyboard tex kills graphics

Intel announces that we are moving from beta support to full official support for the Vulkan* API on Windows going forward.
3D-Tech News Around The Web / Blender 2.78b performance update
« Last post by Stefan on February 10, 2017, 08:12:34 PM »
Blender 2.78b is a performance update release which mainly includes speedups for Cycles rendering.

  • Multithreaded shader compilation.
  • Various optimizations for emission meshes.
  • Corrected light sampling for Branched Path Tracing, reduces noise leading to faster convergency.
  • Improvements in constant folding algorithm, removing shading nodes which are not used for final evaluaiton.
  • Improvements to some procedural textures (brick)
  • Early light ray termination based on contribution of light to the result.
  • Fix for background MIS with textures having small bright spots, which was causing fireflies.
  • Different seed for subframes and different stereo views, allowing "slow-motion" effect and improves VR experience.
  • Distance culling for objects to remove objects which are too far away from the camera.
  • Fix for undesirable threads affinity change on Windows.
  • Avoid various numerical issues in the kernel, solving fireflies.
  • Fixes for deformation motion blur combined with autosplit.
  • Better remainedtime estimation.
  • Various optimizations for deformation motion blur.
  • Added time steps BVH option to speed up rendering of scenes with motion blur.
   Cycles: GPU 
  • Use XDG folder for cache on Linux and OSX, which avoids having per-Blender version folder with all the OpenCL/CUDA kernels built.
  • Ability to enable/disable individual GPUs as opposite to old behavior with pre-defined combinations only. Not only this helps to some artists, but also makes it possible to have flexible benchmark scripting.
   Cycles: CPU 
  • Use more global SSE optimizations for SSE4.1+ kernels.
  • Multiple improvements for the latest AVX2 CPUS:
    • Optimized various math utilities (cross-products, dot-products, min-axis-selection and others).
    • Faster version of triangle intersection function.
    • Optimization of various steps in BVH traversal algorithm (including both construction and traversal).
   Cycles: OpenCL 
  • Added 3D textures support for OpenCL
  • Make it conditional to compile-in transparent shadows support. Depending on a scene and hardware gives really major render time improvements.
   Dependency graph 
  • Solve various race conditions (conflicts between threads which are working on the same data).
  • Optimization of dependency graph construction time.
  • Fix missing or wrong relation links, which were causing hard-to-reproduce bone flickering.
  • Fix various crashes related on linked data blocks.
  • Fixes for missing animation updates.
  • Fixed regression crash when adding texture node to compositor.
  • Fixed crash of inverse kinematics on 32 bit Windows platforms
  • Improve multi-threaded usage of fluid simulation
  • Return correct alpha for environment map in GLSL
JS1k: The JavaScript code golfing competition

Create some JavaScript program with a max size of 1k and make it do something cool. Submit it before March 2017 for fame and a chance of a prize! See rules for details and existing demos for some cool examples. Entry is free and the rules are simple. Give it a try, it"s really fun

 This AI Selfie Transformation App Can Even Make Mona Lisa Smile

  A new mobile app called FaceApp uses neural networks to edit your selfie via photo-realistic filters – letting you add a smile, swap genders, and can take years off your age.
3D-Tech News Around The Web / NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 8.0.61 February 2017
« Last post by Stefan on February 10, 2017, 05:24:50 PM »

New Features
CUDA Tools

CUDA Compilers.
 The CUDA compiler now supports Xcode 8.2.1.

 NVRTC is no longer considered a preview feature.
CUDA Libraries

 The cuBLAS library added a new function
), which is
an extension of
. It allows the user to specify the algorithm,
as well as the precision of the computation and of the input and output matrices.
The function can be used to perform matrix-matrix multiplication at lower
Resolved Issues
General CUDA

CUDA Installer.
 On some SLES or openSUSE system configurations, the
NVIDIA GL library package may need to be locked before the steps for a GL-less
installation are performed. The NVIDIA GL library package can be locked with
this command:
sudo zypper addlock nvidia-glG04

Unified memory.
 On GP10x systems, applications that use
 and attempt to use
 will incur random
spurious MMU faults that will take down the application.

Unified memory.
don't work correctly on multi-GPU systems with the IOMMU enabled on
Linux. The only workaround is to disable unified memory support with the
 environment variable.

Unified memory.
 Fixed an issue where
crash when used on an application that calls

Unified memory.
 Fixed a potential issue that can cause an application to hang
when using
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