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3D-Tech News Around The Web / Adam - Unity 5.4 demo
« on: March 18, 2016, 07:02:57 PM »

 This is the first part of our real-time rendered short film “Adam”, created with the Unity engine by Unity’s Demo team. Adam illustrates the high quality graphics that are enabled by the Unity engine in 2016. The full length short will be shown at Unite Europe 2016 in Amsterdam – so stay tuned!  The production of this short was used to stress our beta versions of Unity 5.4 and the cinematic sequencer currently in development. We also used an experimental implementation of real time area lights.

The demo makes extensive use of the high fidelity physics simulation tool CaronteFX, which is now available for Unity on the AssetStore.

The Demo team also created some custom tools on top of the Unity engine to cover specific production needs. For this project we needed volumetric fog, transparency shader, motion blur – to name a few. Expect to have them in your hands after Unite Europe.

The demo runs at 1440p on a GTX980.

3D-Tech News Around The Web / AMD HIP release 0.82
« on: March 17, 2016, 11:11:09 PM »
HIP is a C++ runtime API and kernel language that allows developers to create portable applications that can run on AMD and other GPU’s. Our goal was to rise above the lowest-common-denominator paths and deliver a solution that allows you, the developer, to use essential hardware features and maximize your application’s performance on GPU hardware.

3D-Tech News Around The Web / NVIDIA PhysX Visual Debugger 3.0
« on: March 17, 2016, 11:07:57 PM »
The PhysX Visual Debugger (PVD) provides a graphical view of the PhysX scene and includes various tools to inspect and visualize variables of every PhysX object. Additionally it can also record and visualize memory and timing data.

3D-Tech News Around The Web / NVIDIA FLEX 1.0 released
« on: March 17, 2016, 11:05:57 PM »
NVIDIA FLEX is a multi-platform unified particle dynamics library for real-time visual effects. It supports fluids, clothing, solids, ropes, and more.

3D-Tech News Around The Web / NVIDIA legacy driver 341.95 WHQL
« on: March 16, 2016, 05:34:18 PM »
This driver adds security updates for driver components of Tesla architecture class GPUs (not to be confused with Tesla product line).

 Driver version = 01/29/2016,
 Branch r340_00-595

3D-Tech News Around The Web / HWiNFO32 & HWiNFO64 v5.22 released
« on: March 16, 2016, 05:26:06 PM »
Changes in HWiNFO32 & HWiNFO64 v5.22 - Released on:  Mar-16-2016: 
  • Fixed a possible hang in sensors when system is using multiple page files.
  • Added hotkeys to disable/hide sensors.
  • Improved handling of invalid sensor values.
  • Disabled GPU I2C access on Fiji again due to stability issues.
  • Enhanced GPU temperature monitoring on Fiji (VR VDDC, VR VDD, Liquid).
  • Fixed CPU Power measurement on Haswell systems with overclocked BCLK.
  • Added monitoring of GPU VDDC for AMD Fiji.
  • Added monitoring of GPU Current and Power for AMD Hawaii/Bonaire and later generations.
  • Fixed SMBus issues on some Fujitsu machines.

Back to Dinosaur Island 2 is an Oculus Rift DK2-exclusive Virtual Reality demo and requires an Oculus Rift DK2 HMD (SDK 0.8) to run.
 Back to Dinosaur Island 2 requires a Xbox 360 for Windows or Xbox One Controller for Windows to be played. Gameplay with only mouse and keyboard is not supported.

Discussing the State of DirectX 12 With Microsoft & Oxide Games

Ahead of next week’s show, I had a chance to sit down and talk shop with an interesting trio of techies: Brian Langley, Microsoft’s DirectX 12 lead, Max McMullen, Microsoft’s principle lead for Direct3D, and Dan Baker, co-founder and guru developer for Oxide Games. Microsoft of course is looking to further push the development of (and developers towards) DirectX 12, as the first games come out for the APi. Meanwhile Oxide’s Ashes of the Singularity has been a common site around here, as while it won’t claim the title of the first DX12 game – that technically goes to the new Windows 10 port of Gears of War – Ashes is arguably the first game to take meaningful advantage of the API.

3D-Tech News Around The Web / Using the Vulkan Validation Layers
« on: March 10, 2016, 05:28:37 PM »
While getting familiar with the Vulkan API may seem a bit involving at the beginning, as due to its nature it has a steeper learning curve than traditional APIs, the validation layers make it much easier to catch any mistakes, and they also provide a lot of additional useful information beyond just reporting basic errors. While using the validation layers does not completely eliminate the need to test your application on multiple platforms, it minimizes the chances of any portability issues resulting from incorrect API usage.

Read on...

3D-Tech News Around The Web / AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.3
« on: March 10, 2016, 01:02:59 AM »
Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.3 Highlights

 Updated Crossfire Profiles available for
    • Hitman™
    • The Park
Support for​
  • Hitman™
  • [/l][/l]
Performance and Quality improvements for
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider™(2)
    • ​Up to 16% on AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury X Series vs AMD Radeon™ Software Crimson Edition 16.2.
  • ​Gears of War Ultimate Edition(3)
    • Up to 60% on AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury X series vs AMD Radeon™ Software Crimson Edition 16.2.1
    • Up to 44% on AMD Radeon™ R9 380 series vs AMD Radeon™ Software Crimson Edition 16.2.1
Vulkan™ Support(1): Vulkan™ is the successor to OpenGL and a descendant of AMD's Mantle. Vulkan™ is a powerful "low-overhead" graphics API that gives software developers deep control over the performance, efficiency, and capabilities of Radeon™ GPUs and multi-core CPUs. More information on Vulkan™ can be found at
​  Per-Game Display Scaling: A new feature introduced in Radeon™ Settings that allows per game Display Scaling to be set within the Radeon™ Settings Gaming tab under "Profile Options".
 Language Menu: A new feature introduced in Radeon™ Settings that allows the end user to select their preferred language from a drop down menu under the "Preferences -> Language" tab.
 Two Display Eyefinity: Two Display Eyefinity is now an available option under the Eyefinity tab in Radeon™ Settings.
 AMD Crossfire™ Status Indicator: A new feature in Radeon™ Settings that allows users to toggle an AMD Crossfire™ status indicator on their screen when running in AMD Crossfire™ mode.
 Updated Social Links: New Social links are now available for Radeon™ Settings home page and have also updated based on geographical region.​
 Power Efficiency Toggle: A new feature introduced in the Radeon™ Settings Gaming tab for select AMD Radeon™ 300 series and AMD Radeon™ Fury X available under "Global Options". This allows the user to disable some power efficiency optimizations.
 AMD XConnect™ technology: This driver provides initial support for external GPU enclosures configured with Radeon™ R9 300 Series GPUs are now supported over Thunderbolt™ 3 (USB-C) connections. AMD XConnect™ technology additionally provides plug'n'play support and an integrated management interface. Base system must have BIOS support for external GPUs (e.g. Razer Blade Stealth).
 Resolved Issues
  • Core clocks may not maintain sustained clock speeds resulting in choppy performance and or screen corruption (Fixed with new Power Efficiency feature toggled to off)
  • Gears of War Ultimate Edition - Random freezes may be experienced during gameplay
  • Ashes of the Singularity 2.0 Benchmark now supports DirectFlip
  • XCOM 2 flickering textures may be experienced at various game locations

Vulkan maps significantly better to our hardware than OpenGL ES ever has. Whilst there’s a lot of focus on Vulkan improving CPU performance and efficiency, there’s a heck of GPU performance and efficiency wins too – they’re just a bit more subtle!
Talking about console quality graphics on mobile is starting to become a bit of a cliché, but I’m going to use it anyway! As mobile GPUs get better and more efficient, Vulkan is a big step on the road to console quality graphics.
Read on...

New update available for Windows and Android. iOS and OSX coming soon. Addressed submit database.

On Optimus rigs create a profile, otherwise the app will mix both renderers.

Update: Hotfix available under previous 364.47 links

The new GeForce Game Ready 364.47 WHQL drivers for Tom Clancy's The Division, Need For Speed, Hitman, and Ashes of the Singularity are now available to download via GeForce Experience.
  The long-awaited release of Tom Clancy's The Division is less than 24 hours away. Ensure the best possible experience with our new Game Ready driver that's now available for download.
Prior to a new title launching, our driver team is working up until the last minute to ensure every performance tweak and bug fix possible makes it into the Game Ready driver. As a result, you can be sure you’ll have the best day-1 gaming experience for your favorite new titles.

Game Ready
Learn more about how to get the optimal experience for Tom Clancy’s The Division, Hitman, Need for Speed, Ashes of the Singularity, and Rise of the Tomb Raider

Gaming Technology
Support for Vulkan API

Just like others users at Official 364.47 Game Ready WHQL Display Driver Feedback Thread (Released 3/7/16) i experienced a broken installer.

Windows driver version 356.45 and Linux driver version 355.00.29 provide beta support for Vulkan.
  Release Updates March 2nd, Windows 356.45, Linux 355.00.29
  • Support Vulkan API version v1.0.4
  • Fix device lost issue with some MSAA resolves
  • Fix vkGetQueryPoolResults() when queryCount=0
  • Fix OpImageQuerySample with images
  • Fix OpVectorExtractDynamic issues with doubles
  • Fix handling of sparse image miptail when the whole image fits within a page
  • Improve vkAcquireNextImageKHR() conformance to WSI spec
  • Improve GL_KHR_vulkan_glsl compatibility when using GLSL directly
  • Improve GPU texturing performance in some cases
  • Improve vkAllocateDescriptorSets()/vkFreeDescriptorSets() performance in some cases
  • Improve vkCmdBindDescriptorSets() performance in some cases
  • Improve vkCmdCopyImage() performance in some cases

3D-Tech News Around The Web / AMD TressFX 3.0 - Fix hair rendering bug
« on: March 02, 2016, 07:59:32 PM »
Fix hair rendering bug

Resurrect the ALU_INDEXING path in TressFXRender.hlsl. It is both slightly faster in my brief testing and also eliminates the hair rendering issue seen on AMD.

Maybe it looks better on AMD GCN GPUs (have none handy), but on NVIDIA it still looks like an old carpet.

3D-Tech News Around The Web / Blender - New Cycles Benchmark
« on: March 02, 2016, 02:04:27 AM »
 New Cycles Benchmark

  Blender Institute prepared six Blender files for testing Cycles rendering with CPU/GPU, using various settings and design styles but based on actual production setups. On the links below you can inspect the spreadsheet with results, and load the .blend file collection.
The goal is to have an overview of systems that are used or tested by developers of Cycles. We aim at updating it regularly, also when new hardware comes in – and especially when render features improve in Cycles.
Most strikingly so-far is that the performance of CPUs is in a similar range as GPUs, especially when compared to costs of hardware. When shots get more complex, CPUs win the performance battle. That confirms our own experience that fast GPU is great for previewing and lighting work, and fast CPU is great for the production rendering. But… who knows what the future brings.
Feel free to post own stats and observations on this blogpost! Maybe other .blend files should be added?
Cycles benchmark zip (530 MB)
Google doc spreadsheet
  classroom-200x107  gooseberry-shot-200x98  splash_274-200x92  v1.2_day_1080-1024x576-200x113  bmw-cycles-200x113  0001

3D-Tech News Around The Web / Intel HD Graphics Driver
« on: February 27, 2016, 12:21:18 AM »
Download from Microsoft

SAMSUNG OEM with "Intel® HD Graphics 515"

EDIT: Samsung Galaxy TabPro S detachable now available

EDIT 2: DELL OEM version available

EDIT 3: Lenovo OEM version available

EDIT 4: alt. DELL OEM version available

Installation on other rigs:

 In INF file replace [Manufacturer] section with that from last driver that worked for you.

Attention Windows insiders: there seems to be a bug in BCDEDIT coming with build 14271.
 If following commands fail, grab a copy of BCDEDIT from your WINDOWS.OLD folder

 STEP 2a)
 disable driver signature - secure boot off

 bcdedit -set load options DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
 bcdedit -set test signing ON

 STEP 2b)
 disable driver signature - secure boot on

 bcdedit -set load options DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
enable test signing via enhanced start options

 STEP 3)
Follow this fool-proof "havedisk" installation tutorial

 No Changelog available

English forum / How to use webcam texture in a GLSL Shader
« on: February 26, 2016, 06:07:34 PM »
That one is quite easy


copy webcam code from geexlab_code_sample_pack/host_api/webcam/webcam_win32_spout_test.xml ( the other demos didn't work on my rig for some reason)

rename tex01 to webcamtex to avoid confusion

and don't forget (like me in first place) to add

quad = gh_mesh.create_quad(winW, winH)
shadertoy_prog = gh_node.getid("shadertoy_prog")


gh_texture.bind(webcamtex, 0)
gh_utils.webcam_update_texture(webcam1, webcamtex)
gh_gpu_program.uniform1i(shadertoy_prog, "iChannel0", 0)

That's all.

>>>download RippleCam<<<

Wrist slitter, originally for video texture

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