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3D-Tech News Around The Web / Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 released
« on: September 17, 2010, 06:14:46 AM »
XNA Game Studio 4.0 is a programming environment that allows you to use Visual Studio 2010 to create games for Windows Phone, the Xbox 360 console, and Windows-based computers. XNA Game Studio 4.0 includes the XNA Framework 4.0, which is a set of managed libraries designed for game development based on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

The XNA Framework Redistributable provides the necessary runtime components to execute a game on Windows that was developed using Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0. This release contains improved functionality as well as new features. Installation of this runtime is unnecessary on systems with Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 already installed. The Microsoft Software License Terms for Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 covers the terms under which developers may use the Redistributable. For full details, review the Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 license terms.

3D-Tech News Around The Web / AMD Space Command - Direct2D benchmark
« on: September 16, 2010, 04:30:15 PM »
AMD Space Command is a fun game that shows the graphics acceleration of Direct2D technology in the Internet Explorer 9 browser.

 Shoot as many space attackers possible, and use the "GPU capacitor" to adjust the intensity of the game.

AMD Space Command is built in HTML5, a programming language designed to leverage the GPU in your PC to improve the performance of graphics-intensive applications. You can see this first hand by keeping track of the changes in the "Frames Per Second (FPS) indicator as you adjust your GPU capacitor

"Updated build (same 3.32 version), fixing issues with rendering tests."

Download here (ignore outdated time stamp)

3D-Tech News Around The Web / ATI GPU Services (AGS) Library v1.0
« on: September 16, 2010, 09:56:49 AM »

This library provides software developers with the ability to query ATI GPU software and hardware state information that is not normally available through standard operating system or graphic APIs. Version 1.0 of the library includes support for querying graphics driver version info, Crossfire (ATI’s multi-GPU rendering technology) configuration info, as well as Eyefinity (ATI’s multi-display rendering technology) configuration info. AGS is available in dynamic and static library form for 32 and 64 bit versions of Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

What's in the package

    * ATI GPU Services (AGS) Library (static and dynamic linked library for 32 and 64 bits version of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7).
    * AGS sample, a console mode sample shows you how to query information from AGS library.
    * Eyefinity sample, a sample shows you how to use AGS library to query Eyefinity configuration information for your application. This sample also shows you how to use multiple cameras to render 3d scene with Eyefinity technology.


The samples require developer runtimes from MSVC2008 and DXSDK AUG 2009

3D-Tech News Around The Web / ATI Catalyst™ 10.9a Hotfix
« on: September 16, 2010, 09:21:16 AM »
ATI Catalyst 10.9a Hotfix Features:

* ATI Radeon™ HD 4870 X2 and ATI Radeon HD 4850 X2 series of products use both Graphics Processing Units (GPU) for high performance
* Intermittent hangs with Pop Cap games in a system with an ATI Radeon series graphics card installed
* High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) overscan / underscan settings are restored upon system reboot

3D-Tech News Around The Web / ATI Catalyst 10.9 Final
« on: September 15, 2010, 06:30:11 PM »
Catalyst™ Application Profiles

                 The following application profiles are available with this release of Catalyst™ 10.9:

                  Aliens Vs. Predator – Profile update
                  Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Profile update
                  F1 2010 – Profile update
                  Kane & Lynch 2 – New profile

Performance Improvements

                 The following performance gains are noticed with this release of Catalyst™ 10.9:

                  STALKER: Call of Pripyat Benchmark
                      Performance increases up to 20% on ATI Radeon™ HD 5800 Series single and
                         CrossFire™ configurations with Enhanced full dynamic lighting (DX11) and
                         anti-aliasing enabled
                      Performance increases up to 12% on ATI Radeon™ HD 5700 Series single and
                         CrossFire™ configurations with Enhanced full dynamic lighting (DX11) and
                         anti-aliasing enabled
                  The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
                      Performance increases up to 4% on ATI Radeon™ HD 5700 Series single and
                         CrossFire™ configurations
                      Performance increases up to 4% on ATI Radeon™ HD 4800 Series single and
                         CrossFire™ configurations
                      Performance increases up to 5% on ATI Radeon™ HD 5800 Series single and
                         CrossFire™ configurations
Performance increases up to 6% on ATI Radeon™ HD 5970 Series single and
                          CrossFire™ configurations

Resolved Issues for the Windows 7 Operating System

                 This section provides information on resolved issues in this release of the ATI Catalyst™
                 Software Suite for Windows 7. These include:

                   UVD clocks will now return to normal speeds after switching from HD to SD content
                   Flickering no longer visible while running 3D games on HDMI displays with Quad
                     CrossFire™ enabled
                   Mesh corruption is no longer visible in "The Chronicles of Riddick 2: Assault on
                     Dark Athena" when SSAO in-game setting is set to high
                   CrossFire™ now functions properly and in-game Anti-Aliasing can now be enabled
                     in "StarCraft II"
                   Adobe Flash Player will no longer display green screen after resume from sleep
                   Negative CrossFire™ scaling on "Final Fantasy-XIV" no longer occurs
                   Intermittent perfomance drops no longer observed with harware cursor enabled in
                     "World of Warcraft" game in extended mode

Resolved Issues for the Windows Vista Operating System

                 This section provides information on resolved issues in this release of the ATI Catalyst™
                 Software Suite for Windows Vista. These include:

                   AVI video no longer lags during playback within Microsoft PowerPoint slide deck
                   Desktop corruption no longer occurs during PowerDVD SD/Blu-ray content
                     playback on 120Hz displays
                   Choppy HD playback no longer occurs while changing color vibrance and fleshtone
                     correction in Catalyst™ Control Center - Advanced Color

Resolved Issues for the Windows XP Operating System

                 This section provides information on resolved issues in this release of the ATI Catalyst™
                 Software Suite for Windows XP. These include:

                   Copy protection message will no longer appear when viewing a DVD with Windows
                     Media Player on a Windows XP system with PowerDVD 9 installed

All profiles, recent first:
hl2.exe FFXIVWinBenchmark.exe metro2033.exe POWERPNT.exe LEGOHarryPotter.exe game_unity_win_*.exe arma2OA*.exe rFactor*.exe arcania.exe CRC2005*.exe sh5.exe Blur.exe AlienBreed-Impact.exe FFViper.exe \SBKX\launcher.exe UDK.exe WinUAE.exe SWTFU.exe mafia2_sc.exe SamHD_TSE.exe PCM.exe ScourgeGame.exe lag_win32_public_dev.exe APB.exe FoxGame.exe Settlers7R.exe \Live\GameClient.exe Risen.exe EFLC.exe Singularity.exe RTS-*.exe SR2_pc.exe Medieval_T?.exe HasteGame*.exe Napoleon.exe DeadIslandGame*.exe Demigod.exe OFDR.exe empires*.exe Heaven.exe MassEffect2.exe Conviction*.exe RUSE.exe AVP3.exe daorigins.exe LEGOIndy2.exe RocketKnight.exe Bioshock2.exe dairydash.exe BFBC*Game.exe BF1943Game.exe dirt2*.exe SamHD.exe Sanctuary.exe iw4?p*.exe Avatar.exe S8Game-F.exe rfg*.exe Borderlands.exe ShippingPC-SkyGame.exe BattlefieldHeroes.exe Ceville.exe gpl.exe ShippingPC-BmGame.exe \ZenoClash\hl2.exe APGame.exe GHWT.exe Gothic III Forsaken Gods.exe ??5DX9.exe Saboteur.exe CrimeCraft.exe BurningWheels*.exe Republic Heroes.exe SupremeCommander2.exe AA3Game.exe StreetFighterIV.exe Guitar Hero Aerosmith.exe KillingFloor.exe RiseOfTheArgonauts.exe DamnGame.exe DS.exe kb.exe SC2*.exe CoJBiBGame_x86.exe Overlord*.exe \Tip\GameClient.exe ghost_w32.exe Wolverine.exe bsp.exe Fuel.exe bionic_commando.exe ElvenLegacy*.exe grimmgame.exe flashpoint*.exe Shift.exe theHunter*.exe TLR*.exe Wolf2.exe TerminatorSalvation.exe prototype?.exe eXperience112.exe Battleforge.exe EndWar.exe SilentHill.exe cabalmain.exe Client.exe WheelmanGame*.exe CompatAFR-1x1.exe Unigine.exe wanted.exe DragonAge.exe TS3*.exe DLords.exe FreeRunning.exe DOW2.exe godfather2.exe arma2.exe Empire.exe *.scr.EE3.exe MirrorsEdge.exe cstrike.exe Tropics.exe Legendary.exe fear2*.exe BurnoutParadise.exe Prince of Persia.exe Dead Space.exe biahh.exe war3.exe Mercenaries2.exe Merc2-Demo.exe left4dead*.exe Yeti_Final_Win32.exe FallOut3.exe CoDWaW*.exe tru.exe FF2client.exe RCT3.exe trgame.exe PT2Start.exe Transformers*.exe GTAIV.exe acad.exe aJewelQuestSolitaire.exe SeriousSam.exe FarCry2*.exe ProjectG.exe Jewel Quest Solitaire.exe Flip Words*.exe ExeFile.exe blacksite.exe MOHA.exe TurokGame.exe crossfire.exe kaneandlynch.exe Buildalot2.exe Legend.exe thief.exe GunBound.gme.SEGA Rally*.exe HAWX.exe SpaceSiege.exe SporeApp.exe AgeOfConan.exe tra.exe Jericho.exe MEM_7.exe Stranger.exe DevilMayCry*.exe MassEffect.exe GRID.exe witcher.exe mahjongg_artifacts.exe Studio.exe Diner_Dash_Flo_On_The_Go.exe Big Kahuna Reef.*.Chuzzle.exe Backspin.exe AcesOfTheGalaxy.exe \half-life 2 Demo\hl2.exe \portal\hl2.exe \team fortress 2\hl2.exe \half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2.exe \half-life 2 episode two\hl2.exe \half-life 2 episode one\hl2.exe \half-life 2 lostcoast\hl2.exe \half-life 2\hl2.exe \counter-strike source\hl2.exe \day of defeat source\hl2.exe \half-life deathmatch source\hl2.exe \half-life source\hl2.exe R6Vegas2_Game.exe AssassinsCreed*.exe Validator.exe GH3.exe xrEngine.exe FFOW.exe Settlers6*.exe MonsterGame.exe nfs.exe BA2.exe DiRT.exe ForceSingleGPU.exe TW2008.exe TW2006.exe game.exe SupremeCommander.exe hl.exe SpiderSolitaire.exe Solitaire.exe PurblePlace.exe Minesweeper.exe Mahjong.exe InkBall.exe Hearts.exe FreeCell.exe chess.exe R6Vegas_Game.exe 3dsmax*.exe Crysis*.exe UT3*.exe Wargame-g4wlive.exe hellgate*.exe SinEpisodes.exe iw3mp.exe iw3sp.exe Matrix.exe *Stranglehold.exe Bioshock.exe wic*.exe LostPlanet*.exe sims.icd.nhl2007.exe GodFather.exe pc_matador.exe AcroRd32.exe XR_3DA.exe Scarface.exe TestDriveUnlimited.exe mm.exe Gothic3.exe HitmanBloodMoney.exe NWN2*.exe TW2007.exe ARX.exe SplinterCell4.exe NFSC_demo.exe NFSC.exe RelicCOH.exe starwars_pc.exe LegoStarWarsII.exe fifa07*.exe fsx.exe primarysurf.exe CoJ.exe FEARXP.exe BF2142*.exe JustCause*.exe nhl06.exe battleofthegods.exe cccprev.exe RomeTW*.exe H5_Game.exe Condemned.exe trl.exe Inventor.exe Dwm.exe legends.exe gt.exe graw*.exe sweaw.exe game.dat.Timeshift*.exe nbalive06.exe oblivion.exe x3*.exe gwdev.exe pop3.exe USM.exe BattlefrontII.exe speedDemo.exe speed.exe narnia.exe white.exe KingKong*.exe 3DMark06*.exe RD3.exe Age3.exe Suffering2*.exe Sam2.exe KingKongDemo*.exe BOS.exe CoD2?P_s.exe Fable.exe EiB.exe Sims2EP2.exe DungeonSiege2.exe fs9.exe AFR-FriendlyD3D.exe FEARspdemo.exe FEAR.exe ACTOFWAR*.exe Ehshell.exe X2-Demo.exe X2.exe tribesv_?pdemo_en.exe Swat4SPDemo.exe PandoraMultiPlayerDemo.exe Sims2EP1.exe PCMark05.exe PCMark04.exe PainGame.exe Speed2demo.exe MaxPayne2Demo.exe FFXiWinBench.exe FFXiBench.exe Biademo.exe Tiger 2004.exe Snowblind-Demo.exe Snowblind.exe BreedSPD.exe Breed.exe XPANDRALLY.exe TV_CD_DVD.exe TRAOD*.exe Battlefront.exe Sims2.exe ShadowVault.exe patriots.exe thrones.exe Pariah.exe nba2005.exe mohpa.exe GW.exe pol.exe Driv3r.exe DFX.exe Bia.exe TechDemo.exe aquamark.exe w40k.exe pop2.exe FarCry.exe WoW.exe EverQuest2.exe Speed2.exe Lithtech.exe Swat4.exe SwgClient_r.exe SplinterCell3.exe Painkiller.exe MaxPayne2.exe FlatOutdemo.exe CMR5.exe BfVietnam.exe LockOn.exe 3DMark05.exe 3DMark03.exe 3DMark2001SE.exe 3DMark2001.exe BF2.exe Morrowind.exe TW2005.exe TW2004.exe halo.exe UT2004.exe UT2003.exe RD2D.exe RD2.exe CT3.exe pop.exe RaceDriver.exe SplinterCell2.exe SplinterCell.exe

No changes to OpenGL (except from revision number)...

Download here

Today we added major new performance improvements and GPU development capabilities to our Parallel Nsight software and CUDA Toolkit.
These enhancements give developers more flexibility and power to easily create high-performance GPU-accelerated applications.

Full story at NVIDIA

If you are no registered developer, check out this video.

Download Sites for Sandra Lite

Aggregate Shader Performance in GPGPU processor benchmark:
290 MPix/s - CUDA     
310 MPix/s - OpenCL 
540 MPix/s - D3D11 CS

Woah! Microsoft rules   :o

The demo is an experiment to combine terrain raycasting of perlin noise generated terrain with screen space ambient occlusions (SSAO) and screen space displacement mapping (SSDM).

The terrain is generated at the beginning of the demo as a 1024x256x1024 sized perlin noise volume data in CUDA, which is raycasted in the demo using distance functions for acceleration.

After the first hit is found, the screen-space normal vector is computed for shading and for the SSDM. The SSDM is not achieved using a stack of textures as this leads to problems in case of overlapping areas for large displacements. Instead, the SSDM is achieved in a post-process using a high-resolution triangle mesh with two triangles per pixel. That is the reason why sometimes articafts near the screen-boundary can be observed.

The ones of you adept in CG may play around with the shader thats included.

Here the link to the Demo (needs an NVidia card as it uses CUDA)

And the link to the video:



Reliable download mirror

3D-Tech News Around The Web / HWiNFO32 v3.60 available
« on: September 13, 2010, 01:33:09 PM »
Changes in HWiNFO32 v3.60 - Released on: Sep-13-2010:

    * Added automatic checking of updates.
    * Improved support of Nuvoton NCT6776F LPC/HW monitor.
    * Added nVidia GF104 models: GeForce GTS 455, GTX 470M.
    * Added nVidia GF106 models: GeForce GT 440, GTS 450, GTX 460M, GT 445M, GT 435M, Quadro 2000.
    * Added nVidia GF108 models: GeForce GT 420, GT 430, GT 415M, GT 420M, GT 425M, GT 435M, Quadro 600.
    * Fixed a potential hang with black screen when opening sensors on certain ATI GPUs.
    * Enhanced sensor monitoring on some ASRock mainboards.
    * Added possibility to directly log sensor data into separate CSV file.
    * Added support of SMSC EMC2301, EMC2302, EMC2303, EMC2305 and EMC2113 sensors.
    * Added monitoring of CPU and GPU fan speeds for ASUS G73 notebooks.
    * Fixed latency issue for EC sensors.
    * Added additional temperature monitoring of Clevo models: M570RU, M570TU, M860TU, M980NU, W860CU, W870CU, W880CU.
    * Enhanced Sandy Bridge support.

...we learnt ... that Capcom’s Nintendo 3DS games will run on the same MT Framework technology used to develop the company’s major high-definition games.
...features such as HDR lighting, realtime colour correction, self-shadowing, normal mapping, depth of field and motion blur.

Full story @ Siliconera

We’re excited that other browsers have started to use hardware to accelerate graphics performance. With different implementations starting to become available, now’s a good time to blog about the difference between full and partial hardware acceleration.

Full story @ MSDN

3D-Tech News Around The Web / NVIDIA driver 260.61 available
« on: September 13, 2010, 12:58:58 PM »
In spite of being labeled TESLA driver, other GPUs are supported as well.

New in Release 260.61

    * Performance mode for Windows, called TCC mode, is now integrated and can coexist with other NVIDIA display GPUs.  The benefits of this mode includes:
          o Reducing kernel launch overhead
          o Enable Remote Desktop and other services
          o No device timeout for optimized performance

OpenCL is working except from issue with GPUCapsViewer's Julia demo (as seen earlier)

3D-Tech News Around The Web / Blender 2.54 beta released
« on: September 13, 2010, 04:32:17 AM »
Blender 2.54 Beta has been released! This is the second beta release for the Blender 2.5x series. Here a quick summary of the main work that’s been done since Blender 2.53 beta:

    * Almost 200 (!) bugfixes. During this period close to 700 issues were reported to our tracker, about 675 closed. For some graphs and stats visit Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 36
    * RNA Renaming. A lot of names were changed in the RNA level. For those who have used drivers a lot in Blender 2.53, there is a helper script in the help menu to fix the paths.
    * RNA Properties API changed, see [Bf-committers] PyRNA type definition changes (postpone beta until end of week) for proposal and implementation details
    * Audaspace/Game Engine API GSoC merged (audio py api, game.logic and GE in general, port Yo Frankie! to work with)

3D-Tech News Around The Web / HP offers PCs with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6370
« on: September 12, 2010, 07:19:00 AM »
These are the models i found so far:
HP ProBook 4520s Notebook PC
HP ProBook 4720s Notebook PC

HP Pavilion dv7 Entertainment PC

Here are the magic numbers for .inf modding or detection in GPU tools:
"ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6370" = ati2mtag_ManhattanP, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_68E4&SUBSYS_1421103C
"ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6370 " = ati2mtag_ManhattanP, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_68E4&SUBSYS_1411103C

the codename "ManhattanP" reveals that it must be a relabeled 5xxx GPU.
Thanks to TPU for pointing this out.

This build should properly support multiple instances of GPU-Z without the dreaded "Can not delete driver" message.

This change required updates to our kernel mode driver, so I need testing on all possible OSes, 32 and 64 bit

Whatever you need it for, it works fine  ;D

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