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English forum / GLSL Hacker
« on: May 28, 2014, 01:45:59 PM »
A new dev version of GLSL Hacker is ready but only for Windows.

You can download it from this page:

Version - 2014.05.28
* fixed a bug in gh_mesh.set_vertices_color() in Lua.
+ added set_vertices_color() to gh_mesh in Python.
+ added mouse_get_wheel_delta() to gh_input lib.
+ added new keyboard keys support (shift, ctrl, alt and windows key).
+ added keyboard_codes.lua in GLSL Hacker Lua libs folder.
+ added FreeImage plugin with floating point (96 and 128-bit) support.
+ added set_current_image_codec_name() to gh_texture module.

GLSL Hacker adds a new image loader plugin based on FreeImage. To use this plugin, just specify it before loading a texture:

Code: [Select]

tex = gh_texture.create_from_file(...)

If the FreeImage plugin is not present, GLSL Hacker uses the built-in image loader.

English forum / GLSL Transitions
« on: May 24, 2014, 05:16:49 PM »
The  code sample pack has been updated with some cool GLSL transitions intrroduced in this article:

GLSL transitions demos are available in the host_api/GLSL_Transitions/ folder of the code sample pack.


Vendor A has “the most capable GL devs in the industry and the best testing process.” It focuses on OpenGL implementations that work rather than on spec purity. It’s sexy. It’s fun. It’s also the vendor that’s pushing OpenGL as an alternative to Mantle or D3D12.

...this vendor (vendor A) will do things like internally replace entire shaders for key titles to make them perform better (sometimes much better). Most drivers probably do stuff like this occasionally, but this vendor will stop at nothing for performance.

Next up, Vendor B. Vendor B knows the OpenGL spec inside and out and focuses on implementing OpenGL correctly. Unfortunately, Vendor B is characterized as being “a complete hodgepodge, inconsistent performance, very buggy, inconsistent regression testing [and] dysfunctional driver threading…

And Vendor C? Vendor C has two major driver development teams, but doesn’t focus on graphics and is years behind Vendors A and B in implementing basic OpenGL features. It leads the way in open source graphics drivers, and has (mostly) public hardware specs. One driver is years behind but mostly stable as long as you don’t care about performance or features, while the other team’s driver is “a complete disaster…

Vendor A = NVIDIA
Vendor B = AMD
Vendor C = Intel

Complete story:


Forum en français / Filtre de post processing: Toonify
« on: May 24, 2014, 10:03:25 AM »
Voici un petit filtre GLSL sympa qui permet de toonifier ou cartooniser une image:



English forum / GLSL Hacker
« on: May 21, 2014, 11:43:20 AM »
A new dev version of GLSL Hacker is ready but only for Windows and Max OS X.

You can download it from this page:

Version - 2014.05.19
+ added emitter_set_spawn_positions() to gh_ps module.
+ added back_face_culling() and front_face_culling() to gh_renderer.
+ added box_create(), box_update_size() and sphere_create() to gh_utils.
+ added update_bounding_volume(), get_bounding_box_size(), get_bounding_sphere_center(),
  get_bounding_sphere_radius(), get_global_bounding_box_size(), get_global_bounding_sphere_center(),
  get_global_bounding_sphere_radius() to gh_object.

I added in the Windows version the PolyGon 3D object viewer in the apps/Polygon3DViewer/ folder.  Launch app_start_polygon_3d_object_viewer.bat to start GLSL Hacker with the Polygon3DViewer. Now you can drop any *.OBJ, *.3DS or *.FBX file.

English forum / (WIP) PhysX fluids - overflowing
« on: May 19, 2014, 08:15:58 PM »
A test with PhysX particles (fluid) and collisions with a mesh (a container). The overflowing of fluid is perfectly handled.

English forum / (WIP) - PolyGon 3D Object Viewer
« on: May 17, 2014, 10:33:16 PM »
Here are the first screenshots of PolyGon, a 3D object viewer coded with GLSL Hacker.

Under Windows, just drag and drop any 3D object file (*.3ds, *.obj, *.fbx) and is displayed with some basic info.
Drag and drop is managed by DRAG_N_DROP scripts (currently under Windows only).

English forum / GeForce GTX LED Logo Demo
« on: May 16, 2014, 04:17:55 PM »
There is a new demo in the code sample pack that shows how to control the LED logo of recent GeForce GTX cards.

The demo is available in the host_api/GEFORCE_GTX_LED/ folder.

The GEFORCE GTX LED is managed by three functions in the gh_gml module:

- gh_gml.geforce_logo_is_illumination_supported()
- gh_gml.geforce_logo_get_illumination()
- gh_gml.geforce_logo_set_illumination()

Here is a code snippet in Lua that checks the support of LED logo and sets the illumination to the max (min=0,  max=100):

Code: [Select]
gpu_index = 0  -- first GPU
if (gh_gml.geforce_logo_is_illumination_supported(gpu_index) == 1) then
  gh_gml.geforce_logo_set_illumination(gpu_index, 100)

English forum / Mesh PQ Torus Knot demo
« on: May 16, 2014, 02:21:24 PM »
GLSL Hacker adds the creation of PQ torus knot. A demo is available in the host_api/Mesh_PQTorusKnot/ folder of the code sample pack.

A gallery of various PQ torus knots is available here:

The following code:
Code: [Select]
steps = 1024
facets = 32
scale = 4.0
thickness = 0.5
clumps = 0
clump_offset = 0
clump_scale = 0.0
u_scale = 2
v_scale = 32
P = 3
Q = -7
pqtorus = gh_mesh.create_pqtorus(steps, facets, scale, thickness, clumps, clump_offset, clump_scale, u_scale, v_scale, P, Q)

will create this torus knot:

English forum / GLSL Hacker
« on: May 16, 2014, 01:44:34 PM »
A new dev version of GLSL Hacker is ready but only for Windows and Max OS X.

You can download it from this page:

Version - 2014.05.15
+ added OpenGL 4.0 shader subroutines support (gh_gpu_program.set_uniform_subroutine()).
+ added get_capability_4i() to gh_renderer.
+ added create_pqtorus() to gh_mesh.
+ added actor_add_force(), actor_add_force_at_position() and actor_set_kinematic_target()
  to gh_physx3 lib (lua/python).
* fixed a bug in AntTweakBar functions when the AntTweakBar plugin is not loaded.
+ added set_simulation_scales() to gh_physx3 lib (lua/python).

English forum / GLSL compiler: NVIDIA vs AMD vs Intel
« on: May 15, 2014, 02:13:05 PM »
Here is a thread where I store issues I encounter with NVIDIA, AMD and Intel GLSL compilers.

The following GLSL line is accepted by NVIDIA compiler (R337.50) but generates an error with Intel and AMD compilers:
Code: [Select]
  vec3 tc = vec4(0);

Of course the right line is
Code: [Select]
  vec3 tc = vec3(0);

English forum / Wireframe, solid and point rendering modes
« on: May 10, 2014, 12:07:00 PM »
Three new handy functions have been added to the renderer module: solid(), wireframe() and point(). These functions make it possible to quickly change the polygon rendering mode:

Wireframe mode:
Code: [Select]

Solid mode:
Code: [Select]

Point mode:
Code: [Select]

Forum en français / Mode fil de fer (wireframe), point et plein
« on: May 10, 2014, 12:04:18 PM »
trois petites fonctions pratiques ont été ajoutées au module renderer: solid(), wireframe() et point(). Ces deux fonctions permettent de changer en un clin d'oeil le mode de rendu des triangles:

Pour passer en mode fil de fer ou  wireframe
Code: [Select]

Pour passer en mode plein (ou solid)
Code: [Select]

Pour passer en mode point
Code: [Select]

English forum / OpenGL 4.4 Bindless textures
« on: May 09, 2014, 04:01:21 PM »
The code sample pack includes now two simple demos of OpenGL 4.4 bindless textures:  host_api/GLSL_Bindless_Textures_OpenGL44/

The first demo uses two textures and shows how to set them as resident ( gh_texture.bindless_make_resident )
and how to read them from a pixel shader:

The second demo loads a pack of 32 textures and performs caustic animation.  The demo shows how to read an array of bindess textures in a pixel shader:

English forum / AntTweakBar plugin
« on: May 09, 2014, 03:27:18 PM »
AntTweakBar support has been added to GLSL Hacker.
This support is currently limited to Lua scripts. Here is a quick overview of how to use the new ATB functions:

INIT script:
Code: [Select]
bar1 = gh_utils.twbar_create("TweakBar")

x = 0
gh_utils.twbar_add_var_float(bar1, "x")

FRAME script:
Code: [Select]

-- Now the x var is updated and ready for use:
gh_utils.font_render(font, 10, 40, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, "x = " .. x)


A demo is available in the code sample pack: host_api/AntTweakBar/

The AntTwekBar plugin is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X:

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