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Does it only work with V-ray
it is way cool is the beta out?

Thanks !
RTGU works well with V-Ray but also works fine with 'pure' 3dsmax and other modeling packages.
Regarding a 'beta', RTGU is a set of technologies and tools that are currently only used internally to create 'on-demand' solutions on a per-project basis. There is currently no authoring tool available for general use, sorry.

But I don't like this demo because the solar shadows are fixed. And its aren't realistics due to without PCSS (Percentage-Closer Soft Shadows).

Thanks for your feedback, it's true that the demo does not feature soft shadows at all !

Maybe next time ! Can I ask you if there's a spot in particular that makes you miss the soft shadows ?

Also the solar lighting is not dynamic as we wanted to try to get close to original VRay renderings. We used our offline GI renderer to precompute the lighting, we probably could have some approximation in realtime, but this was not our aim here.

BTW, you gave the link to the file download, I'd like to add a link to the 'download' page', as it features some screenshots and a comparative video between the realtime result and the reference VRay rendering, for those interested :

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