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Title: RenderDoc v0.90 stable
Post by: Stefan on August 05, 2017, 08:25:30 PM
At the end of June, RenderDoc passed a milestone ( of 5 years of development since the very first commit.
Now this release marks another milestone, although in some respects it's arbitrary. The versions so far from v0.18 up to v0.34 have continued in the same family as the original  internal builds marked alpha1 and alpha2 up to alpha17 right before the first public release of v0.18.
It's time to mark the end of the v0.x series of releases. v0.90 is the last planned release in this current v0.x series. The next planned release will at last be v1.0 and will bring with it a number of changes that have been discussed in release notes past.
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Title: RenderDoc v0.91 - Bugfix release
Post by: Stefan on August 16, 2017, 10:37:26 PM
Version v0.91 - Bugfix release (

As a follow up from v0.90 (, this includes an important bugfix that unfortunately wasn't caught in release testing.

It primarily affects D3D captures with shader source embedded (compiled with D3D11COMPILE_DEBUG or the appropriate fxc switch) although it could affect GL/Vulkan captures in some circumstances. When debugging or sometimes when opening the shader with source files available, there was a crash due to code not being updated for the UI layout changes to cope with the GCN disassembly feature that was added.