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Title: AMD APP SDK 2.9 and CodeXL 1.3
Post by: Stefan on November 08, 2013, 04:21:53 PM
For the preview, we’re releasing a new APP SDK and a new CodeXL tool suite (version 1.3). (  These tools provide a substantial step forward in productivity and ease of use for developers wishing to harness the full power of modern heterogeneous platforms spanning from servers to PCs to handheld devices.   Here’s the scoop on what’s in the preview:

    AMD APP SDK 2.9:  For this release, we’ve added samples for open source libraries to make it simple to add acceleration to your application.  These include Bolt, OpenCV and OpenNI.  We’ve also added support for CMake and improved OpenCL™ source editing in visual studio.
    AMD CodeXL 1.3:  To further our effort to provide a comprehensive integrated tool suite, we’ve now incorporated static kernel analysis capabilities into CodeXL with a new and improved user experience.  Also, the CPU Profiler now supports inline functions for Java – the world’s most popular programming language.  We also added support for remote debugging/profiling to enable server and embedded customers