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Title: (WebGL) The RuneScape Bestiary
Post by: Stefan on March 05, 2013, 11:43:26 PM
The RuneScape Bestiary  ( players and members)

This week, we're really excited to give you a glimpse at the next generation of RuneScape. We've created a new feature for the RuneScape website which lets you browse almost 3,000 of RuneScape's monsters and NPCs: the RuneScape Bestiary.

Each one is viewable in full 3D using our new HTML5 graphics engine - RuneTek 7 - which you'll be seeing much more of once we launch it for RuneScape later in the year. You can rotate, zoom and animate all of the available characters, share your favourites on Facebook, search for specific ones and view a variety of information about each of them

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