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CUDA compatible software for media conversion


I first heard of CUDA the other day, so I am a completre newby in this area.

Can anyone please recommend media conversion software that is compatible with Nvideo CUDA video card drivers?

At the moment I use software like DVDFab, converterXto DVD, DVD Flick for my avi to DVD conversions etc

I also convert DVDs to my old ipaq hx4700, and my new ipod


check this:
NVIDIA CUDA video editing application round up

Thanks for this, but unfortunately the software in the article  you refer to only converts DVDs and other files to outputs compatible with mobile devices and game consoles.

Does anyone know of software that will use CUDA to convert from avi and srt files to DVD format?  I use DVD Flick, but it take 3 hours to merge tow 700MB avi files and two subtitle files

many thanks,


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