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DmitriRender released
« on: August 02, 2014, 09:13:09 AM »
DmitriRender is a DirectShow filter. It converts video frame rate in real time and allows you to watch any movies and videos without jerks and turbidity. It calculates on the video card and inserts frames with intermediate position of objects into the video. This can significantly improve the viewing experience. Motion in the frame obtains a smooth, monolithic, fully synchronized with the output device (monitor, projector, or TV) refresh rate.

All calculations are carried out on the video card. The CPU load is close to zero. This reduces power consumption of the computer in order to reduce the noise or to use the CPU for other necessary calculations, such as software video decoding in the absence of hardware support (eg, H265 or 4K UltraHD video), software deinterlacing, software postprocessing filters, etc.

DmitriRender is compatible with NVidia and AMD video card with hardware DirectX 11 support, including the AMD APU with built-in graphics processor. DmitriRender is compatible with Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1.

Changelog 24.07.2014. DmitriRender
   Optimized code, improved quality, reduced the number of artifacts.
   Reduced unnecessary CPU load on NVidia video card.
   Fixed a bug on the AMD video card, resulting in green or black screen.
   Expanded support for different players (Light Alloy, Stereoscopic Player and others).
   Added English version.