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Geeks3D is not dead!


Hi all,
as you can see, dear readers, the number of news has somewhat dropped these last weeks. This is due to my recent move and come back in Switerland. But the real reason is that I still don't have a serious internet connexion thanks to Sunrise (one of the few ISP in Switzerland) that needs, when there's no problem, more than one month to set up a high speed connexion (seems they have to dig a trench for the line for each new subscriber...). But when there're problems (?), the delay to have internet at home jumps up to 2 months! Sunrise really sucks! What a shame!

Anyway don't panic, Geeks3D is not dead. The news will start again very very soon. Thanks to Stefan, there are fresh news
in the forum. And a new geek, called Satyr, has just join Geeks3D squad. Satyr will cover Blender's world: news, articles and tutorials.
Yes, Geeks3D will start tutorials about Blender and real time 3D!

The version 1.7.0 of FurMark will be released shortly, followed by the version 1.8.0 of GPU Caps Viewer. And currently I'm working on GeeXLab's documentation...

See you soon my friends!

I have now a 3G connection:


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