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Can we limit physics simulation to one plane ?
What would be the nice way to fix object y coordinate ?

Interesting question  ???
hummm let's see... if you set the Y coordinate of actor's velocity and actor's position to 0 maybe you should manage to stick your actors to the Y=0 plane.

here is that code

--- Code: --- local z,x,c = HYP_PhysX.GetActorLinearVelocity(body)
HYP_PhysX.SetActorLinearVelocity(body, z, 0, c)
z,x,c = HYP_PhysX.GetActorGlobalPosition(body)
HYP_PhysX.SetActorGlobalPosition(body, z, 0, c)
z,x,c = HYP_PhysX.GetActorAngularVelocity(body)
HYP_PhysX.SetActorAngularVelocity(body, 0.0, x, 0.0)

--- End code ---
Runs in every frame.

When objects colide there is slight change in actor`s direction vector, it is no longer in game plane.

But what if there is function `HYP_PhysX.GetActorGlobalOrientation( )` then we could do this

--- Code: --- local angle, x, y, z = HYP_PhysX.GetActorGlobalOrientation(body)
HYP_PhysX.SetActorGlobalOrientation(body, angle, x, y, z)

--- End code ---
And then it can be done in every couple of seconds, not in every frame.

I tried with `HYP_Object.GetDirection` to retrieve current direction vector of body and failed.


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