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GeeXLab howto / code snippets

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I added a new HowTo page with code snippets (lua or python) that are widely used in GeeXLab demos:

I will regularly update this page with new code snippets.

The following code snippets are currently available:
    How to create and resize a 3D camera
    How to create and resize a 2D camera
    How to create a reference grid
    How to load a 2D texture
    How to load a 2D texture with ImageMagick plugin
    How to load a 3D model with ASSIMP plugin
    How to create and use an orbit 3D camera
    How to generate a random number
    How to do color blending
    How to do create a GPU program from Lua buffers
    How to set the vertices color of a quad
    How to rotate an object with quaternions
    How to create and use a render target