Author Topic: NVIDIA FleX 1.20 beta  (Read 1027 times)

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NVIDIA FleX 1.20 beta
« on: June 11, 2017, 07:16:46 PM »
1.2.0 (beta)

- New API to retrieve particle neighbor information, see NvFlexGetNeighbors()
- New API to support shape collision filtering, collision channels can be assigned to particles and shapes to specify which pairs collide, see NvFlexPhase
- New API to support per-shape plastic deformation, it is now possible to specify plastic creep and threshold coefficient on a per-shape basis (previous global settings), see NvFlexSetRigids()
- New API to selectively disable solver features, this can lead to improved performance, see NvFlexFeatureMode, replaces global FlexParams::fluid option
- New API to allow sub-range particle buffer updates, see NvFlexCopyDesc
- New API for asynchronous compute, see NvFlexInitDesc
- Fix for unnecessary synchronization when calling NvFlexMap() on a device buffer
- Fix numerical precision for shape-matching constraints with large coordinates
- Fix for uninitialized contact indices returned from NvFlexGetContacts() if NvFlexUpdateSolver() has not been called
- Fix for SDF collision in D3D12
- Fix for D3D warning when using NvFlexSetRigids()
- Add D3D12 rendering support to the demo
- Add support for device NvFlexBuffers on D3D
- Enable NvToolkit profiling zones so to provide annotations in NSight profiles by default

Known Issues

- Demo rendering artifacts in D3D12 fullscreen on AMD platforms
- NvFlexGetTimers() may report incorrect values on D3D12
- Crash on inflatable test scenes on some Kepler class GPUs

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