Author Topic: AMD GPU PerfStudio 2.14 build 1668 3/5/2014  (Read 4481 times)

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AMD GPU PerfStudio 2.14 build 1668 3/5/2014
« on: March 12, 2014, 11:13:25 PM »
GPU PerfStudio 2 gives developers control with seamless workflow integration. Identify performance and algorithm issues early in the development cycle, and meet your quality and performance goals. GPU PerfStudio 2 is the second generation GPU Performance Analysis and Debugging Tool from AMD. It offers clear advantages to developers by cutting software development time and improving graphics quality.

GPU PerfStudio 2.14 build 1668
Build 1668 fixes a profiler issue where the selection of more than just the GPUTime would cause a crash when profiling.

GPU PerfStudio 2.14 Improvements
Profiler support for Hawaii GPUs
Pipeline stage specific counters for OpenGL are now supported
Improved stability for multi-threaded apps