Author Topic: Mac OS X OpenCL N-Body Simulation v3.0  (Read 5051 times)

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Mac OS X OpenCL N-Body Simulation v3.0
« on: February 11, 2014, 10:50:27 PM »
OpenCL N-Body Simulation
Version 3.0, 2014-01-24
(1) Fixed a race condition caused by data copy to a base class. (2) Fixed a deadlock issue caused by out-of-order mutex locks. (3) Fixed a memory leak and race condition caused by multiple simulator iterations. (4) Fixed virtual destructors throughout leaking memory. (5) The application now properly deletes resources on termination. (6) Removed and refactored duplicate code into new classes and methods. (7) Refactored and wrote the hud button class that now includes a label. (8) Refactored and wrote the hud meter class that now includes a high-res timer. (9) OpenGL text generation now is generated from a bitmap context acquired from CoreText. (10) Removed dependency on glu linear transformation functions, (11) Quads are now generated using vbo. (12) To avoid compiler warnings, added [2,3,4] vector and 4x4 matrix classes and utility methods. (13) Added linear transformation utility methods. (14) Simplified the n-body methods by removing superfluous resources and functionality. (15) Performance is better approximated by using hardware properties. (16) Adjusted hud meter scale. (17) Added an OpenGL query class. (18) Better validation for shader compilation and linking. (19) Removed all code from that loaded nib and instantiated application's view. (20) The view code is now entirely in the derived class. (21) Included a XIB file for the window and the view. (22) Added a facade for abstracting cpu or gnu instantiation. (23) Added a mediator object for cpu or gnu bound simulators. (24) Cleaned the code for properly following modern OOP design patterns.