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AMD Catalyst 13.11 LINUX Beta V9.4 Driver



--- Quote ---Highlights of the AMD Catalystâ„¢ 13.11 Beta V9.4 Driver for Linux:
This release of AMD Catalystâ„¢ Linux introduces support for the following new features:

    Not Applicable

    Resolved Issues:

    [372656] : Resolves crash when resizing Konsole
    [388325] : Resolves brightness adjustment issues
    [388818] : Resolves kernel module compile failure when CONFIG_UIDGID_STRICT_TYPE_CHECKS is enabled
    [388335] : Avoids the new GPL symbol acpi_bus_get_device for new kernel support
    [386897] : Resolves system hang on resume from S4 with OpenGL screen saver running

 Open Issues:

    Not Applicable
--- End quote ---

Attention: AMD overhauled their download server, deep links and multiple connections have been disabled.


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