Author Topic: Maxon Cinema 4D and CineBench R15 released  (Read 5306 times)

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Maxon Cinema 4D and CineBench R15 released
« on: September 30, 2013, 04:37:27 PM »
All New Features of CINEMA 4D Release 15


    The new Team Render (replaces NET Render) renders stills or animations distributed across multiple computers
    Render jobs in the Render Queue can be rendered via Team Render
    Cache distribution option for rendering stills using Team Render
    GI: New, faster Irradiance Cache with incredible contact shadows
    New GI method Light Mapping
    New GI presets for a specific type of Project lighting
    Selecting GI methods according to primary and secondary proportion
    Saturation and Intensity settings (for Primary Method and Secondary Method) that can be defined separately
    The Irradiance Cache’s shading points’ display can be disabled
    Command line render returns more detailed return values
    Only one global option for noise distribution
    Faster Ambient Occlusion calculation via cache
    New Normals pass with various modifiable parameters
    Gradation Curves in the Filter shader of a material
    New shading algorithm for the Backlight shader
    New Physical Renderer option for eliminating problems with alpha channels and motion blur
    A faster preview for the Physical Renderer
    Intel Embree Library for improved render speed when using the Physical Renderer


    Completely new interactive Bevel tool with highly improved functionality and dramatically higher quality
    Bevel: Mitering options
    Bevel: User defined Spline shape
    Bevel: Offset modes
    Bevel: Limit function
    Bevel: Depth definition with concave and convex modes
    Bevel: Tension options
    Bevel: Ending options
    Improved Slide tool
    Automatic deformer alignment and size adjustment via keyboard shortcut
    Fit to object button for deformers
    New Align Normals algorithm


    Pose Morph poses can be edited directly using the Sculpt brushes
    Masks with equal subdivision levels can be copied and pasted
    Masked sculpting regions can be hidden
    Sculpt brushes now also affect normal polygonal objects
    Commands for quickly accessing brush, stamp and stencil presets via hotkeys
    Several new brush paint modes
    Inflate Interactive Flood
    New option for Flatten brush (Workplane integration)
    Several new settings for the Inflate brush
    New Amplify brush
    New options for the Mask brush
    Symmetry function for subsequently mirroring all types of elements
    New Sculpt function for projecting any mesh onto another mesh
    Faster Subpolygon Displacement (in particular in conjunction with the Physical Renderer)
    Bake improvements
    Stamp & stencils popup for quick access


    Kerning Function for all Text Spline functions and MoText
    Typo Tools: additionally to the kerning functions you can edit the horizontal, vertical and general scale, the tracking, basline shift and many more of single letters
    Real time 3D GUI in editor window
    Kerning: Change selection behavior when editing text

Workflow & Interface

    Create grass quickly and easily with new grass shader
    New tag for simulating real camera crane movements
    New Texture Manager for easily switching textures and locating and assigning missing textures
    Numerous OpenGL shaders are calculated via OpenGL in the graphics card for the Viewport
    MacBook Pro Retina support for the whole CINEMA 4D interface
    Escape Key to hide the Preset Popup windows
    Interface of Motion Camera is now collapsible
    Added blinking text-cursor for several text-gadgets
    Make the license URL in the serial collision warning clickable


    Alembic - show SDK version in import/export dialog title


    Manual kerning for Text Spline / Text Object


    Support Python Eggs

Various Enhancements

    Add Mac OS Crash Log


    Speedup of Hair rendering with Physical Render with Caches

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