Author Topic: Qualcomm Adreno SDK (v3.3.3)  (Read 5905 times)

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Qualcomm Adreno SDK (v3.3.3)
« on: August 10, 2013, 02:22:42 PM »
Adreno SDK (v3.3.3)

The Adreno SDK includes tools, libraries, samples, documentation, and tutorials for working with the OpenGL ES, DirectX, OpenCL, and OpenSL API’s. Adreno SDK v3.3.3 is an update to the previous v3.3 release with memory leak fixes for the Adreno Texture Tool, new Texture Converter support for Android, an updated OpenGL ES Developer Guide, and various bug fixes in the SDK. See the What’s New section in the Adreno SDK Browser for more information. The installer requires a Windows operating system, but the SDK samples and tutorials include build configurations for Android, Windows RT for DirectX 11, and Windows XP/7 with the OpenGL ES 3.0 Emulator.

Don't forget to edit the batch files to match your Android target ID, e.g. i had to change android-14 to android-17 with my Nexus 4

For some reason i couldn't compile any sample with version 4.12
I only had success with Skydome 1.0