Author Topic: Choose between fx4100 or i52310  (Read 1732 times)

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Choose between fx4100 or i52310
« on: March 12, 2014, 01:19:10 PM »
Ok, once you stop laughing :P ... read:

So yeah, theres still people who looks for these old micros~ the question is simple, Fx4100 or i5 2310?

Both seems pretty similar, but both have their pros and cons.. on a side note, I been always an intel user, not for preference just always got intel, and this would be the first time I use an amd so i'm not sure if grab it or stick to intel. I'm not a fanboy of any kind, don't really care about brands, numbers, etc..but the performance at the end of the day. I gonna use it for video editing, games, and digital painting on photoshop cs6. For multitasking heard intel is better? I really care bout this, because when i'm painting on 6000x3000 (300dpi) and with music, and at the same time lookin for reference on google with imagens of 1600pixels.. I really need a processor that will help with this mainly.

Can't go any other processor, need to make up my mind between these two, and my current processor is a very super old E8400 core 2 duo (yes, i'm getting a new motherboard as well) I currently have 8gigs of ddr3 1333 and a 500w real power supply.

Thanks in advance!