Author Topic: AMD & NVIDIA excited about Windows 7  (Read 3954 times)

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AMD & NVIDIA excited about Windows 7
« on: July 28, 2009, 05:57:58 PM »
We are very excited here at NVIDIA today, because the fact that Windows 7 has hit the RTM milestone means we are on the doorstep of the launch of the first Windows operating system to treat the graphics processing unit (GPU) as a real peer to the CPU.
For the gamers, Windows 7 will provide the best gaming performance of any Windows operating system and will support SLI (multi-GPU gaming), 3D Vision and PhysX on day 1.

Read full story at Windows Partner Blog.

AMD just announced the WHQL-certified ATI Catalyst (TM) 9.7 Unified Driver (you can download the ATI Catalyst driver here). This is a crucial piece of the puzzle designed to help you get the most out of your ATI Radeon (TM) graphics technology when running Windows 7. This, combined with the upcoming DirectX® 11- (DX11) enabled ATI Radeon graphics cards, will help deliver something we like to call The Ultimate Visual Experience (TM).

Read full story at Windows Partner Blog.
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