Author Topic: Ogre 1.9 RC1 is here  (Read 5274 times)

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Ogre 1.9 RC1 is here
« on: May 01, 2013, 06:44:53 PM »
Ogre 1.9 RC1 is here!

Good news!
Some days ago we finally tagged our official source code repository with “v1-9-0RC1” which of course means to we reached a development state that we consider feature-complete for Ogre 1.9. As usual we first release a Release Candidate (RC) version that – if no major issues are found or any upcoming issues were fixed – will be declared final/stable and then become the official current Ogre version. So please: Wherever possible switch to the new version to give it a try and report any issues you find to our Ogre JIRA tracker so that we as the team can tackle them.


Changelog highlights:

        New LOD Volume Rendering Component with LOD from GSoC 2012
        Terrain Improvements from GSoC 2012
        Android platform support
        Windows Phone 8 platform support
        Windows Metro / WinRT support
        OpenGL3+ Render System (still experimental and under heavy development)
        Improvements to all Render Systems, e.g. DirectX11 from GSoC 2012
        multitude of bug fixes