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NVIDIA Introduces Its First Integrated Tegra LTE Processor



--- Quote ---NVIDIA Introduces Its First Integrated Tegra LTE Processor

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
NVIDIA today introduced its first fully integrated 4G LTE mobile processor, the NVIDIA® Tegra® 4i, which is significantly faster yet half the size of its nearest competitor.

Previously codenamed "Project Grey," the Tegra 4i processor features 60 custom NVIDIA GPU cores; a quad-core CPU based on ARM's newest and most efficient core -- the R4 Cortex-A9 CPU -- plus a fifth battery saver core; and a version of the NVIDIA i500 LTE modem optimized for integration. The result: an extremely power efficient, compact, high-performance mobile processor that enables smartphone performance and capability previously available only in expensive super phones.
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