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MSI Afterburner 2.3.1



--- Quote ---    Now MSI Afterburner optionally allows you to detect VRM defaults without rebooting the PC
    Added voltage control support for UEFI GOP BIOS for MSI R7970 Lightning Boost Edition series graphics cards
    Now MSI Afterburner displays the list of assigned global hotkeys in “i” window
    Now MSI Afterburner properties window is resizable to provide compatibility with low-resolution desktops (less than 1280x1024 with 100% DPI)
    Added new “Enable hardware control and monitoring” option to compatibility properties. This option can be useful if you are using MSI Afterburner for framerate monitoring and videocapture only and don't want to risk suddenly overclocking your PC
    Added NCT7511Y thermal sensors support to provide compatibility with future MSI graphics cards
    Added workaround for possible VID rounding issues for all supported voltage generator models
    Updated Italian localization
    MSI On-Screen Display server has been upgraded to version 4.5.0. New version gives you the following improvements:
    Improved audio mixer architecture provides better extendibility and better audio tracks synchronization when mixing multiple audio tracks in one
    Push-To-Talk audio recording support. Now you can assign a hotkey for each audio stream and record unmuted audio only when the hotkey is pressed
    Updated German localization
--- End quote ---


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