Author Topic: (Demoscene) TMDC15 / the Ultimate Meeting  (Read 4545 times)

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(Demoscene) TMDC15 / the Ultimate Meeting
« on: January 16, 2013, 05:37:04 PM »
TMDC is a pseudo-annual demo-making contest held over the internet. After tAAt ry announced they would stop organizing TMDC after the 10th edition, members of the Northern Dragons offered themselves to keep TMDC alive.

Text mode demos offer unique challenges for the demo maker which play a very insignificant role in other kinds of demo competitions. First of all, resolution and color spaces are rather limited, forcing the demo authors to consider different forms of anti-aliasing and careful adjustment of contrast and color balance.

the Ultimate Meeting is an annual demoparty which takes place from 27. to 29. of december 2012 in Griesheim, Germany.

As every year we're expecting about 200 visitors who will compete in various disciplines - from music, graphics to realtime animation.