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Intel® Software Adrenaline Magazine 02/2013



--- Quote --- Intel® Software Adrenaline Magazine is here! This edition surveys the frontiers of touch computing and Ultrabook™ devices, mobile lifestyles, and much more—download your copy now and start exploring.
Intel Software Adrenaline Magazine
Packed with inspiring articles—here's a sampling of what you'll find.

•        Explore how augmented reality technology alters real-world views with computer-generated sensory input.
•        Get the latest on mobile security, check what hackers are up to, and find out how McAfee and Intel are heading off threats to mobile computing.
•        Discover how touch computing and Ultrabook devices are transforming the world of PC gaming.
•        Find out how Intel and Ratio Interactive joined forces to create Comic Director*, a Windows* 8 app that lets you create and share comic strips.
--- End quote ---


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