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(Android) Lyapunov Fractals



--- Quote ---Mobile calculation and visualization of Lyapunov fractals

This application calculates and visualizes Ljapunow (also Markus-Ljapunow or Markus-Lyapunov) fractals.

First steps:
- Load and explore the predefined fractals (menu Presets -> Load)
- Double tap to zoom on single-touch only devices
- Long tap to repeat last action
- Read the help contents to find out more on how to use the app

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Lyapunov fractals are bifurcational fractals derived from an extension of the logistic map in which the degree of the growth of the population periodically switches between two
values A and B.

A Lyapunov fractal is constructed by mapping the regions of stability and chaotic behaviour (measured using the Lyapunov exponent λ) in the a−b plane for a given periodic sequence of As and Bs.

- Fully parameterizable algorithm
- Drag and zoom gestures
- Visualization of partial results
- Numerous coloration possibilities
- Save and exchange fractal settings
- Many predefined fractal settings
- Lots of predefined color gradients
- Save fractals as image
- Full-screen visualization
--- End quote ---



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