Author Topic: ATI Catalyst 9.7 WHQL available  (Read 3422 times)

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ATI Catalyst 9.7 WHQL available
« on: July 23, 2009, 06:20:37 AM »
Performance Improvements
Catalyst™ 9.7 brings performance benefits in several cases where framerates are CPU-
limited. Some measured examples are:
z  Crysis - performance at very high quality preset increases by up to 8% on HD4800 series
z  Lost Planet Colonies - performance increases by 7-11% when 8x Anti-Aliasing  is used on
the HD4800 series products
Resolved Issues for All Windows Operating System
This section provides information on resolved issues in this release of the ATI Catalyst™
Software Suite for all Windows OS. These include:
z  Added support for OpenGL extensions: EXT_provoking_vertex and EXT_vertex_array_bgra
z  Catalyst Control Center in some multi-display configurations Extend Desktop no longer
causes the secondary display to become the primary display
z  Catalyst Control Center, "Make Primary" option no longer fails to function in some
"Extended Desktop" modes
z  Opening Catalyst Control Center no longer results in an error message when using Dual
Adapters with a non-ATI ASIC and ATI ASIC
z  Catalyst Control Center, HDMI configuration aspects no longer fail to launch on some
z  Catalyst Control Center hotkeys now toggle through all desktop modes 
z  Catalyst Control Center: Default HDTV modes can now be enabled properly
z  Catalyst Control Center duplicated display options no longeer become available in some
multi-adapter configurations
z  Interlaced modes can now be applied on HDTV supported DFP panels even when forced via
Catalyst Control Center
z  Confirmation dialog box now appears when applying HDTV 720p and 1080i formats; the
resolution will be applied automatically
z  Catalyst Control Center, add custom modes is now available in the Digital Panel HDTV
support page
z  Catalyst Control Center Advance Color page, when enabling the advanced color settings the
preview window no longer blanks out
z  Catalyst Control Center Overdrive Auto-Tune no longer stops responding on some CrossFire
z  Catalyst Control Center does not show a "System restart required ... " message for some multi
adapter CrossFire configurations

Don't get confused, ATI driver homepage didn't update version number.