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Microsoft Windows Phone SDK 8.0



--- Quote ---The Windows Phone Software Development Kit (SDK) 8.0 provides you with the tools that you need to develop apps and games for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5.

The Windows Phone SDK 8.0 is a full-featured development environment to use for building apps and games for Windows Phone 8.0 and Windows Phone 7.5. The Windows Phone SDK provides a stand-alone Visual Studio Express 2012 edition for Windows Phone or works as an add-in to Visual Studio 2012 Professional, Premium or Ultimate editions. With the SDK, you can use your existing programming skills and code to build managed or native code apps. In addition, the SDK includes multiple emulators and additional tools for profiling and testing your Windows Phone app under real-world conditions.
Note: If you install the Windows Phone SDK 8.0 on a computer with a Gigabyte motherboard and the USB 3.0 host controller enabled in the BIOS, the computer might stop responding when it boots (for details on impacted Gigabyte motherboad models, see Installing Hyper-V on Gigabyte systems). To resolve this, disable USB 3.0 support in computer's BIOS.
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