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(iOS) (Android) Silicon Studio Mobile GPUMARK
« on: November 13, 2012, 06:20:47 PM »
MOBILE GPUMARK is a free 3D graphics benchmark application for smartphones and tablets (iOS/Android).
MOBILE GPUMARK measures the 3D performance of your smartphone or tablet testing its GPU to the limits. In addition to the benchmark mode, the application can also run in demo mode, giving you real-time control over the stunning 3D graphics used in the benchmark.

MOBILE GPUMARK showcases outstanding realtime 3D graphics using YEBIS 2’s post-processing power. Post-processing effects technology is used to create photorealistic CG images, and is an essential element of advanced 3D game graphics. However, at the present time (2012), it is rarely used in real-time 3D content for smartphones and tablets because of processing speed issues.

MOBILE GPUMARK is giving you a glimpse of what games will look like in the future on mobile. You will enjoy a fascinating experience that has long been considered impossible on mobile devices.

Source: 4gamer

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