Author Topic: AMD FirePro and FireMV Unified Driver 8.982.8.3  (Read 4736 times)

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AMD FirePro and FireMV Unified Driver 8.982.8.3
« on: November 10, 2012, 09:59:02 AM »
AMD FirePro and FireMV Unified Driver
Release Date: November, 8th 2012
Release notes

New Features
The following new features and optimizations have been added to the 8.982.8.3 release:
  Performance improvements
  Bug fixes

Known Issues
This section provides a list of issues which may be experienced when using this release of the
AMD FirePro™ Unified Driver on systems running the Windows or Linux operating systems.

10-bit color and OpenGL Quad Buffer 3D to be supported on upcoming Windows 8 driver
Application crash observed running AutoCAD 2011 on Windows XP x86 with W8000
White artifacts in background during scene playback in Maya 2013 with stereoscopic 3D enabled
Corruption observed on environment and material libraries in Showcase 2013 with stereo 3D enabled
Application stops responding while working with large models in Maya and resuming from hibernation
Application stops responding while running an OpenCL simulation in Houdini
Coordinate axes are drawn in black instead of the real color in Maxon
Solidworks toolbars when overlaid may appear tilted on specific hardware and software configurations