Author Topic: Intel - Get the most out of your systems with these power-harnessing techniques  (Read 4957 times)

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"Get all the power possible out of your platform" is increasingly the mantra of programmers faced with juggling process-heavy compute workloads on over-taxed processors. Read these articles to discover new strategies for harnessing computing horsepower beyond the CPU, and how vector extension sets can pump up system performance to improve the speed of dynamic 3D simulations.    
GPU Programming
Your computer's GPU isn't just for rendering visuals anymore. Using such specs as OpenCL*, the GPU can do processing double-duty and help the CPU chop through regular compute workloads as well. Read how "General Purpose GPU" or GPGPU can boost system performance by using OpenCL to power up the entire compute platform; resources such as the Intel® SDK for OpenCL Applications 2012 help ensure that your code is hardware-accelerated for Intel® architectures.

Accelerating VFX with Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions
Getting full-strength system performance is mandatory for motion graphics designers—meeting tight deadlines demands top workflow and output speed, and rendering complex, lifelike imagery in 3D requires extreme system power. Learn how Cinema 4D* from MAXON Computer ramps up system performance with Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions to squeeze utmost power from hyper-threaded, multicore platforms.

Tap your platform power to supercharge your apps.