Author Topic: NVIDIA drivers 304.43 for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris  (Read 4485 times)

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NVIDIA drivers 304.43 for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris
« on: August 27, 2012, 03:28:06 PM »


    Added support for the following GPUs:
        GeForce GTX 660 Ti
        Quadro K5000
        Quadro K5000M
        Quadro K4000M
        Quadro K3000M
        NVS 510
    Fixed a bug that caused pre-release versions of X.Org xserver 1.13 to crash when certain GLX operations were performed, such as when starting Firefox.
    Fixed a bug that caused VDPAU to hang when expanding the YouTube Flash Player.
    Fixed a bug that caused gnome-settings-daemon to revert display configuration changes made by nvidia-settings.
    Updated nvidia-settings to use RandR per-CRTC gamma control, when available. When controlling an X server with support for RandR 1.2, nvidia-settings will display the color correction widget as a tab within each display device page, instead of a per-X screen color correction page.
    Fixed a bug that prevented the display palette from being updated immediately after an application called XStoreColors.
    Added the ability to select and move X screens in the "X Server Display Configuration" page of nvidia-settings via Ctrl-(Left)Click + Drag.